Thursday, May 31, 2012

Things on Thursday: Dogs

I found this picture on Pinterest recently and absolutely love it...and the sentiment with it. I find it not at all odd that doggies illustrate this saying perfectly.

Of course, dogs can hurt people and each other, but it's usually because they themselves have been taught to hurt through neglect or abuse or selective breeding.

There's a lesson in that. We reap what we sow.

This morning, I read THIS ARTICLE on Happy News about the SPCA National Dog Hero award. Good dog, Bear. Good dog. His owner sowed something good when she rescued him.

And here's a picture George took recently of our dog, looking uncharacteristically regal and serious, like King Solomon deciding what to do with the baby those two women were arguing over.  She looks so wise and old and sad.

It's hard to believe that this is the same dog who's currently going gremlin and growling out the open window at...wait for it...birds hopping around our yard.

The birds are not worried.

I guess where Daisy is concerned, we've sown goofiness and enthusiastic affection, which we're reaping in abundant harvest, along with giant golden fur bunnies. Perhaps we should have sown wisdom, but we only get that misleading look when she's really tired.

Dogs are pretty amazing, aren't they?


  1. I read an almost completely forgettable novel recently that had one good quote "Act out of love or not at all" - and I keep trying! lol!

    I'm not a huge lover of dogs I don't know since one bit my daughter's face a few years ago, but Daisy looks and sounds lovely and I'm sure I would love her. I do enjoy hearing stories about how human their personalities are.

    Have a great day!

  2. We have thoroughly been enjoying Olivia - my older daughter's dog. She's a Golden too but is really starting to get gray around her muzzle. She is so faithful and loving. She sleeps with my grandson. I've also enjoyed our landlord's tiny little dog. Not a yapper at all. His cat is bigger than the dog - Lulu. She comes out sometimes when we come to our apartment and curls her little body nearly in half as she walks toward us. There have been many times I've wanted to pick her up and bring up to our apartment.

  3. Oh my dog...I love my husband but my dog may be my real soulmate. LOL!

  4. I love this quote, so much.
    And I love my dog to bits. She has really been a lifesaver - and has made such a difference in our family. I've been able to let my kids walk her - on their own - which you know as a mom with an autie, is a hard step to take! They know she depends on them, and have risen to the challenge. And mostly, she's just a bundle of love. I heart my Abby :)

  5. Aw, I love your posts about Daisy. She makes me miss our golden, Ginger, who's been gone about 30 years now. We've had other dogs since, but there is just something unequivically sweet and loyal about a golden that is their's alone.

  6. It is because of you and Daisy that I am going to pick up a dog this weekend to add to our family. One of Daisy's posts last fall touched my heart to get another dog, although I said I'd never do it again because the last dog was such a piece of work. We're getting a cockapoo, so hopefully our fur bunnies are minimal to non-existent and our poop piles are small.

  7. Your photo of Daisy made my heart melt! Not that it's frozen where dogs are concerned. They are one of the loves of my life. They bring so much joy, companionship, laughter (and tears too). One of my two English cockers came to me at 3 years old from my breeder who got her back from a neglectful home - she was timid, scared of people and other dogs, had no idea how to play, had some untreated health issues - heart-breaking. It took me a long time to help her become a confident affectionate dog. One of my great joys was the first time she figured out how to play with my other dog - her timid overture lasted a few seconds that day, but now five years later, they have several good doggy play tussles a day. She's still a bit insecure and wants to be near me all the time even though I tell her every day that this is her forever home.


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