Tuesday, May 15, 2012

12 Random Observations about Pinterest

If you haven't been on Pinterest yet, what are you doing that's so important?!?!?! Seriously, I've overheard people at Kroger, JumpStart Java, the post office, and the pediatric waiting room discussing this website. Click on over and spend a few hours; then come back here and add your own random observations to my own.

1. Lots of people are pinterested in making their own stuff...make-up, deodorant, detergent, soap, toothpaste, and window cleaner. These are all things I try to think about as little as possible, yet some choose to spend hours doing the chemistry. Cool.

2. Apparently, a large number of people think skeletal women in frumpy clothes are sexy. Not cool.

3. Pictures of naked men that display only the portion of their bodies between their strong, stubbly jaws and the very bottom of their six-pack abs appear frequently. I'm not complaining, but it does seem to objectify men. Do they mind?

4. Anger and hostility crop up occasionally, usually with frequent dropping of the f-bomb and b-word. Don't be hatin', pinners!

5. Pinned food pictures are almost always saliva-inducing orgies of gluttonous eye candy, but occasionally, the food looks pre-digested and might help inspire you if you are fasting or dieting. It might be worth creating a a whole board of gross food for future reference, don't you think?

6. Pornographic pictures confirm that Pinterest is not just for women. Men are pinning, too.

7. Scary make-up and ridiculously high-heeled shoes are oddly popular, which makes no sense to me. So are hairdos, prom dresses, sensible shoes, knitted fashions, coats, jewelry, and purses, which makes perfect sense to me.

8. Nostalgia is also popular...old advertisements, clothing, books. I like nostalgia.

9. If you're decorating your home, Pinterest can give you lots of awesome ideas and make you feel horrifyingly inadequate at the same time.

10. If you're planning your wedding, Pinterest can give you lots of awesome ideas and make your father take out a second mortgage at the same time.

11. Occasionally, you'll come across things that cannot be unseen and will leave you wishing to gouge out your eyes and wander around Greece bemoaning your fate just like Oedipus. Seriously.

and finally...






12. You'll see stuff like this, and all the Greek tragedy will have been worth it:

Epic Photo Bomb

What are your random observations about Pinterest?


  1. Good summary :) Love the recipies you can find there as well as color combos for cards. Great place to pin inspriational cards and sketches too.

    Who you follow can categorize what you see to a large degree.

    It's a huge time sucker, but a wonderful, mindless activity to do if you just need some mindless down time.

  2. It's just amazing what's out there - and how time flies while your looking at everything!
    the sheer quantity bamboozles me at times ! My brain can only take in so much at once.

    But I'll keep going back

  3. LOL! Your description has me amused, nodding, and grossed out all at the same time! I obviously don't trawl quite enough, as I haven't seen enough of those manly torsos... I'm off to check out the "Everything" stream to see what I can find, you've inspired me. ;-)

  4. I think you've summed it up perfectly! Disappointed to see the porn, but I still get so much inspiration from the rest of it that I'm not going to give up yet! lol!

  5. My family has actually enjoyed some of the culinary delights that I have found on Pinterest.
    I do admit to enjoying the occasional defined male torso eye candy.
    The women who do all the funky nail jobs obviously don't do dishes, weeding or cleaning.
    While I will admit that getting off the couch, admitting that I do have time to exercise (??the time spent on pinterest?!!), I will NEVER have the body that the "inspirational" models have. LIke it or not, genetics are not in my favor.
    Someday, I WILL actually put to use all the gardening tips I have pinned.
    Love all the quotes I pin to my Words, Words, Words board.
    Yes, obviously, I have a little addiction to Pinterest!

  6. I am social-network challenged and just recently joined Pinterest. I've already been spammed for one of those 'pleasure your partner' type supplements and that has soured me. The Pinterest Etiquette rules discourage that type of posting and solicitation. Perhaps as I gain a better understanding of how it works and how better to set filters, I'll be able to stay focused on some of the excellent boards and crafting inspirations, but for now I don't do much with Pinterest.

  7. I like the boards! I haven't had any of the negative experiences you have had perhaps because I am pretty selective about which boards I follow. It has given me a lot of creative ideas for rustic decor; toddler play; cards; and appetizers. I have actually DONE the ideas I have found!

  8. Since I don't have a Facebook or Twitter account, alas, I can't pin or follow anyone's boards. All I can do is bookmark the original source of the blog or website. I do searches, though, and have found great recipes (homemade Twix bars, balsamic pork) that we've enjoyed. I've had some success trying various crafts and projects around the house that I found on Pinterest. So, even though I don't use Pinterest to its full potential, I enjoy it and find myself spending too much time on it (although the Twix recipe in and of itself "pays" for many hours I think :-))

  9. The only observation I have about pinterest is from other people's comments...it is a huge time sucker. I spend enough time on my ever expanding backside reading a few blogs and searching the internet, that I can't afford any more screen time. The few times I have been there, I couldn't figure it out, and I am ok with that. Maybe one of these days my kids will be able to show me how to navigate...

  10. Way late to this little Pinterest party, but I thought you might appreciate my observations.

    When I first started pinning, clicking on "everything" brought me pages of cutting-edge ideas, beautiful products, and inpiration. It was almost like looking at a well-currated design annual. I could get lost in all of the pretty things and the ideas that sprouted in my head from looking at them.

    These days it's a bit like flipping through the Women's World magazine in my step-mother's bathroom with all the short-cut recipes, watered-down craft ideas, thinspiration, and home-keeping tips. That's not to say the quality of Pinterest has been lowered, because there is still plenty of eye candy if you follow the right folks, just that the interests of the average Pinterest user are different than they were even a year ago. Now that it's bigger, the social aspect has changed, so that finding boards to follow is more important to making your Pinterest experience more effecient. It really is an amazing tool, especially for visual learners.

    And on a lighter note, if I have to post a link to Snopes in an effort to debunk the glowing Mountain Dew trick one more time, I might hurt someone.

  11. I agree with all of the above, and I have also DELETED my Pinterest account. I don't need another time suk! I'd rather be stamping. :)


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