Sunday, May 27, 2012

Channeling Miss Daisy

Ha, ha!!!!

I has my blue rubber toy. Feel urge to growl viciously and force it in face of my human!!!!

Grrrr, RRRR, Uuuurrrrr, Grrrrrr!!! Fear me! I will KILL you with blue thingie!!!! DIE!!!!! Grrrrrrrrr. Double uuurrrrrrrrr. I am scary golden retriever!!!!! Grrrrr...

I sorry. What was that? Did you say, "Drop!"?

Oh, okey dokey, here ya go! If I sit and look cute and quiver with anticipation, will you give it back? Then I will terrify you again.

You're not terrified?

Not even a little?


I has a sad. When you has heart of lion and face of golden retriever, nobody takes you seriously.

Photo by George


  1. She certainly is a beauty. Scratch her ears for me!

  2. LOL :) Well written. Such a precious face - give her a pat for me :)

  3. LOL!
    Now I get this look, with deep heavy sighs that end on a bit of a whine, when the pooch feels that he has been ignored for one too many pages of Pinterest!!LOL

  4. Such a sweet and funny post. Big smile here!

  5. How is it that such a pouty-dog face inspires such giggles? My pup has that same look, usually accompanied by the SADDEST sigh, and it always makes me laugh & feel like a meanie :)

  6. Oh, I love your Daisy! She's gorgeous (as are you when you are channeling her, LOL!).


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