Sunday, May 27, 2012


I've decided that calling my random posts Random is boring. Let's spice things up by calling them Serendipity. It's fun to say. Say it out loud five times fast. Hard not to smile when you get to the dipity, isn't it?

Besides, I feel like a dip most days anyway.

1. Last night, I would have sworn on a stack of Bibles that there were two bags of frozen french fries in my freezer. One should never swear on a stack of Bibles, I guess, because dinner was already running late when George opened the freezer and asked, slightly panicked, "Where are the fries?" Does anyone else have memories--very distinct and clear memories--of doing things for which the evidence proves otherwise?

Does that question even make grammatical sense? No matter.

Dipity-do and all that.

2. Also last night, I went to the basement to bypass the water softener so I could water the yard, seeing as Mother Nature has seen fit not to grace us with rain for the past two weeks but a few counties south of us got flooded a week ago. Moderation is good, Mother N. Anyway, as I exited the unfinished area of the basement, Nick's friend Zach popped around the corner and stuck a Nerf gun in my chest. In the instant he realized he'd tagged his friend's mom in the boob, his face contorted in 12-year-old-boy embarrassment and made me laugh out loud.

3. Internet meanness makes me sad, and when it's directed at a friend, well, that gets me hopping mad. Cyber-bullying is cowardly, hateful, lingeringly a mosquito bite that infects you with malaria. It's the disease that keeps on giving out repeat attacks of battered self-esteem and withering pain for a very long time. There is a special place in hell for people who anonymously wreck other people's emotions on the Internet.

4. I must make this.

It's no-sew, so perhaps I can pull it off. Source

5. I have a stack of twenty-seven magazines that are half-read or completely unread. They've been accumulating since October when George decided we needed to move...a good impulse, actually, but one that threw my brain into a perpetual state of chaos from mid-October through last Monday night. My goal is to blast through the stack in the next two weeks because I really, truly love reading magazines. But not on my Nook. Reading magazines on a Nook is deeply unsatisfying. Even George agrees with me on that one.

6. And speaking of my Nook tablet, I found an awesome app for just a buck. It's called Write Notes and lets you, um, well, write notes in several different ways. My favorite notes are the sticky notes. You can enlarge them, shrink them, move them around with your finger, color code them. You can email them, too. I know I'm late to this whole tablet-app game, and some of you are saying, "Well, duh, Susan, of course there are cool apps out there...otherwise, what would be the point?"

Dipity do, again.

7. Never, ever go to a Bible study without reading your lesson because that will be the day the pastor has to leave early for her daughter's preschool promotion ceremony and hands the class off to you to lead. Seriously?

8. It's hot. Africa hot.

9. Tomorrow is Memorial Day here in the U S of A. I hope those of you in America enjoy a day off and barbecue and family fun--we will be--and I hope you'll remember the reason you have the opportunity to do that.


  1. double dog dare you to make that book bag thing!! i have a nook tablet and haven't turned it on yet. teach me!!

  2. 1. Yes, I have....
    2. that 12 year old now has a grand story to share with his friends.
    3.A loud AMEN!
    4.Yes, you must!!(and then post pictures!)
    5. You do know that unread magazines breed in the dark, right?
    6.No comment - I don't own a Nook, Tablet or Smart phone - much to my childrens dismay.
    7. Oops!
    8.Sure wish the temps of the US could average out a little bit and give us in the Northwest some of the heat elsewhere. I don't think it got above 60 here today.
    9. A second loud AMEN!
    Lu C


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