Monday, May 7, 2012

Gratitude Journal #137

Today, I am grateful for our new patio and back yard. George and I spent some lovely time this weekend sitting on the patio, listening to birds and squirrels and looking out at an expanse of green grass and trees. It was beautiful, restful, rejuvenating.

Today, I am grateful for hospice. The good people there are taking care of my online friend Janelle and her husband, Ken. Janelle has a brain tumor, and Ken is caring for her at home with help from hospice.

I was sad to read that Izzy the Hospice Dog, owned by Jon Katz, had died. Today, I am grateful for Izzy's good work with the dying...and all the good work done by dogs in service to people.

Today, I am grateful for peace. It seems there isn't enough of it in this world, but if we seek, we can find it, perfect pockets of peace in hectic, uncertain, sometimes insane or tragic lives; the peace that passes our understanding; the peace we find in the Divine.

Peace be with you on this beautiful Monday.

Where do you find peace? What are you grateful for today?


  1. Oh Susan -- the peace and quiet of the North Carolina mountains is sooooo rejuvenating after 6 months in a city of lights, sirens, leaf blowers. I sit on my deck every time I get a chance and just look and thank the Lord that my DH and I are able to surround ourselves with these surroundings.

  2. I am grateful for a beautiful sunny weekend at the boat. We had to work a half day on Saturday; but we took the rest of the weekend to rest and recuperate.

    I am grateful for the natural watering we are getting today.

    I am grateful for the luscious blueberries I am eating with my yogurt and granola this morning. They are sweet, plump, firm and perfect. And so good for you! My mother would tell you that they are just loaded with anti-intoxicants!! LOL

  3. I am grateful for being able to serve the youth by cooking withhubby for their overnight at the church this past weekend. Exhausting but rewarding :)

    Thankful for the amazing weather we are having. Sunshine and warm temps after all the rain and grey skies always lifts your spirits.

    Grateful for the campus pastor I was discipled under who 25 years later will take time out of his day to meet with me and fill my soul :)


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