Thursday, September 30, 2010

Things on Thursday: Health Kits

Church World Service collects health kits to be delivered around the world during emergencies. Each kit contains simple things inside a ziploc bag: a bar of soap, wash cloth, hand towel, tooth brush, nail clippers, some band-aids, a comb.

Can you imagine, as you sit comfortably at your computer, not having soap? I have a very hard time wrapping my head around that idea. That's why when this project came up at church, I volunteered to help.

It's such a small amount of time and money to provide essential supplies for a stranger in a time of desperate need. There's really no point in waiting until we can do something big to help others. That time may never come. But we can all do small things with great love. Mother Theresa said so.

What small thing are you planning to do with great love in the coming months? Where do you give a little to make a big difference? Please share your charitable organizations in the comments so the rest of us can discover more small ways to help others, too!


  1. From Our hearts cards for Troops; Yes!And: a non profit in Philadelphia that is a small theater group for inner city kids. I usually make cards for their auction in December along with afghans and quilts. Since I always seem to have some craft in my hands and I've run out of people to give my creations to the charities are grateful; my sister donates her handmade quilts to the local animal shelter for them to sell; Also just learned that the local neonatal intensive care unit can always use preemie caps, burp clothes and tiny blankets...yipee finally a purpose for all the fabric I have stashed
    patti moffett

  2. Oh DH and I know a lot of missionaries and their needs are huge...we have just been able to connect a missionary in Ghama with a man in the US whose mission is to drill wells for water...How cool is that...the missionary told us that having a well would mean that the people would not have to sell their children to survive
    Food for thought!!!


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