Thursday, September 23, 2010

Things on Thursday: Sleeping Puppy

When she is asleep, she snores quietly, a soft wiffle of puppy breath.

When she is asleep, she looks angelic and innocent and pure.

When she is asleep, her paws look huge. And in need of a trim.

When she is asleep, she curls up in adorable positions like this, with her ear flopped over one eye and her paw acting as her pillow. Or she splays out on her back, limp as overcooked pasta.

When she is asleep, just looking at her relaxes me.

When she is asleep, she isn't pooping on my carpet.

Thank you, Lord, for that.


  1. Sleeping pets ARE so cute! Grab all the moments of happiness and relaxation you can!

  2. Oh dear, you have made me laugh, poor you. Daisy is wonderful but I guess a whole lot of hard work too, especially when one has a cold :0) xx

  3. LOL! Susan :^) . Your post of course reminds me of my golden. . . she's +2 years and still as puppyish. We have many other pets in our home and it is a struggle every day when they are all snoozing. . . how in the world am I supposed to resist a nap?!

  4. Except for the carpet part, this is how I often feel about my 11-month-old (human). They really *are* angels when they sleep.

  5. :) Great post! No matter how bad my day was, having my dog sleeping at my feet and my kitten curled up on my lap brings peace back into my world.


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