Monday, September 27, 2010

Gratitude Journal #59

Today, I am grateful for autumn coolness, autumn rain, and autumn colors.

Today, I am grateful for having seen the Harry Potter 7 preview yesterday. Nick leaned over to George and told him he should take me to see it on my birthday. What an excellent idea, son!

Today, I am grateful for Mucinex and throat drops. Still.

Today, I am grateful for blogging buddies.

Today, I am grateful that my camera was at hand to capture this shot of my cat Miss Daisy. George hadn't seen her back-of-the-sofa acrobatics, so now I have evidence that she really isn't a dog at all. She looks busted, doesn't she?

What are you grateful for today?


  1. I am grateful for Miss Daisy and how she warms my heart without my owning a dog. Thanks for the good times.!

  2. My cold is hanging on forever, too. I got it that Friday that we met. I'm pretty sure Starbucks gave us something besides warm beverages and good service that day.

    I am grateful that the days are still (just barely) long enough for us to take a quick walk after dinner. I am grateful for 4Y kindergarten and also that it is only 2.5 hours per day (I miss my little Gus when he is gone).

  3. i am thankful for a few days off to catch up in things arounds the house, walk and walk and walk, visit with friends, and work on the quilt that i am making for a friend having chemo.
    thanks for the wonderful visits every morning, susan. you are special.


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