Friday, September 17, 2010

Growing Daisy

About six weeks ago, she tucked into a corner under my desk for a snooze...

Last night, only her back half fit the same spot at nap time...

That little armful we brought home in July weighs almost 28 pounds and is now quite hard to pick up.

Yesterday she had us in stitches. First, we took her for a walk in a blustery evening. As leaves whipped past us, she frantically zigged and zagged to catch them. She's really quite fast! She acted like God had given her the most amazingly fun game to play. Leaves EVERYWHERE, moving fast and activating her uncontrollable chase instinct.

Then, last night, I put her on our bed for a bit, and for the first time, she noticed George's build-a-bear perched on the headboard. (Yes, everyone in the family got build-a-bears about four years ago just for fun...George's is named Joe Bear.) Anyway, when Daisy saw Joe Bear, wearing his sunglasses, she started barking at him. I pulled Joe down to Daisy's level, and she took off for the end of the bed, still barking. She quickly got over the shock and sniffed him and chewed a bit on his ear. When George joined us and held out Joe for Daisy again, she wiggled her growing body between George and Joe, and batted at Joe with her nose, as if to say, "Go away, freaky bear. He's MY human!"

All the laughter makes up for the wreck she's making of our wall-to-wall carpeting. Seriously. Could YOU stay mad at this face?


  1. She is so beautiful - my family are slowly wearing me down for pets after Christmas - we'll see.

  2. She is sooooo gorgeous, I love her x

  3. We have a golden, and your anecdote about the build-a-bear reminded me how easily spooked he is. Balloons especially freak him out, as well as those outdoor, blow-up holiday decorations (Santa, snowman, etc.). Too bad we can't know what's going on in their funny little minds!


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