Sunday, September 12, 2010

Race Day Update #2: Random Observations

*Something weird happened and the Ironman Athlete Tracker dumped the bike split times. Arrg! No idea when to be there to see George after he starts the marathon. Shoot.

*Compression socks seem not to be as common as they were last year. This trend is one of the sillier-looking things I've seen, especially when we saw a triathlete with his jeans rolled up to his knees so everyone could see his compression socks. Nothing says, "I'm a dork" like compression socks...especially when they are worn three days before the race.

*IronFans make an art of t-shirts to support their family and friends who do this race. My favorite shirt so far said, "I see crazy people." Another, on a man, said, "140.6 miles...until I get my wife back." My t-shirt is the standard one sold this year. Please pardon the wrinkles. I hung it up before wearing it!

IronFans--also known as IronMates or Iron Sherpas--cheer the lunatics, watch for them, retrieve their bikes after the race, and bring them food for recovery. I wish the shirt showed someone carrying a bike pump...that's completely integral to the experience of IronMates.

*Beautiful weather here! High today is supposed to be around 78. Hope it's a bit cooler than that, but still, it's better than last year's 87!

If you have any questions about Ironman training or races, please let me know. I'll do my best to answer them, and George can always correct me if I'm wrong later.


  1. Ahhhhh! These pictures bring back so many memories!! While no one in our family has done an Ironman (take that back....had a good friend do it....quit EVERYTHING remotely physical after that), we have spent many a weekend on the race line for biathlons (now rather rare) and more so, mountain bike races or time trials. I'm impressed with George's smile before the race. I don't think I ever smiled (trying too hard to keep my breakfast down, most likely) and don't think The Toad (DH) smiled. And after his last race, I know there was NO smiling!
    Ahhhhh. Wish I was in that kind of shape again. So DON'T miss the hours of training and hurt!!

  2. Oh, so sorry you're not getting any bike split times so you can see his progress. Hope it's going well! The T-shirt "I see crazy people" is so funny!

    Go, George!

  3. He finished the biking! Yay! Now "all" that's left is the run!

  4. ok, I'm going to ask....why do they pee in their wetsuits??

  5. Thanks for the update! Go George!


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