Friday, October 1, 2010

Weekly Giggle #20

Once again, Lowering the Bar gives us something to laugh about.

Judge Hands out Condoms Hidden in Acorns

I, for one, am hoping the judge was drunk when he decided to act out his little joke. But perhaps I'm being ridiculously optimistic.


  1. How can you hide anything inside an acorn? I think I'm missing something here. Do they have really, really big acorns in Pennsylvania? With hollowed-out centers?

    I am thinking way too hard about this.

  2. Te! he! he!, Great giggle, Thanks ;0)

  3. Nicole, like you, I wondered about this. If you click the second link in the article, there is a picture and explanation of how the joke's circulating the internet, apparently with instructions on hollowing out acorns, stuffing in condoms, and sealing them back up. Sounds like a ridiculous amount of work to me, and I'm still not sure how the condoms fit. But apparently, they do. It is nuts. Bwaahaahaa!

  4. Susan, thanks for the LOLs this morning! Mark & I are having quite the giggle over some of the stories on Lower the Bar - I'll be reading that every day from now on!

  5. iriseyes, Lowering is in my Google reader. It's absolutely hysterical and a fun way to to remember not to take life so seriously. Seriously! Glad you and Mark enjoy it!


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