Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Few Things Overheard

George: So, what is the most you would let me spend on a bike?

Me: I have no comment.

George [laughing]: You don't want to divulge that information?

Me: No. Why do you ask?

Come look at this bike. [I join him at his computer.] It's a Felt B2 with the electronic shifting.

Me [seeing the $6,499 price tag which, for some reason, he failed to point out]: That's more than I am willing to spend.

George: Really? But it's got electronic shifting!


See. It's all my fault that the economy isn't recovering faster. I won't let George spend $6,499 on a bicycle. I'm so mean.

In other news...

The following comments were overheard at A Day out with Thomas the Tank Engine [pictured above], which Jack must go to every year or the earth will stop circling the sun and life as we know it will end in cataclysmic disappointment. Unfortunately, the train ride features Thomas songs played over and over.

Nick: Am I being punished for something?

George: I wonder if I died on my bike ride and am in hell. We should make all the Gitmo prisoners have multiple days out with Thomas. They'll talk for sure. But it's probably against the Geneva Convention. Cruel and unusual punishment.

Me: Will those screaming toddlers please shut up. Can't they see I have a cold?

Jack [singing happily, loudly, and off-key]: Thomas the Tank Engine, rolling along....


  1. hey baby, the Felt B10 has electronic shifting, and its only $5299!! Of course, it is .2 pounds heavier...

    Love ya...George

  2. (ok...first of all, I had to laugh that George posted....all the anonymous posts on my blog are usually from The Toad (DH)
    Only suffered one Thomas The Tank Day....(and after reading your post, I'm giving a silent "Thank You" to whom ever got me off the hook!)

  3. lol...for $6,499 (or $5,299) can't you buy a bike that has a motor so you don't have to pedal?

  4. Well if he gets to buy a $6,499 bike, then you get to buy $6,499 worth of stamps. Yay!

    This whole post was funny. Easy for me to say--I wasn't on the train ride.

  5. Had several of those bike conversations over the years - funny how they turn into little boys (I won't say again) when you question (say no) to this request.


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