Monday, February 14, 2011

What Happens To You When You Work for the Military Industrial Complex

Take a look at this picture of our dining room table, which isn't a dining room table anymore. It's been taken over by technology. And George.

Me: This is sad.

George: Yeah. I've been thinking I need to think about cleaning it up.

Me: You need to think about thinking about cleaning it up?

George: Sure. First, we need to do a Desk Cleaning Analysis. Define the requirements for cleaning. Do we have to get everything off or just some stuff? Also, how many hours will it take to clean? Next, we need to do a Feasibility Study. Is it even possible to clean the table, especially during tax season? Then we should draft a Request for Cleaning Proposals, see if we get any bids. Award the contract. Then get whoever wins to come in and clean. It's going to take some planning to get all this done.

Welcome to my world.


  1. Ha ha ha! Thanks for sharing! The dining room table looks like that here too, so you aren't alone. However, I do love George's contractural (is that a word?) way of thinking! He's had some great classes in negotiation, I do believe! Happy Valentine's Day, dear girl!

  2. my uncle bob was a major in the air force and his crap crept into the dining room and multiplied just like that! also, my husband thinks about thinking about cleaning...the feasibility studies haven't been funded to date O__o

  3. My dining room table looks like that also, but with 2 computers with 24" monitors (apparently must-haves for 3D design work ...) You would not believe the looks I get if I suggest we might actually EAT on it! I have toried to confiscate a corner for my MS scoreboard, but to no avail!

  4. Well said George...I wonder if that logic would apply to my whole house? Or does it only work for men?

  5. OMG, I'm scared.... with my last employer this is what I worked on with any kind of "change" -- doing the define, feasibility, etc.... I thought I was back in that job. LOL. I NEVER thought I would find these words described on a blog I found through my crafts (I found this blog through your Simplicity stamping blog).

  6. Love it!!!! At least you didn't just yell and scream like I would have, gets you nowhere though.

  7. I will clean it for $111 000.00

    I'm pretty sure that's the going rate. Or, is that the price of a hammer?

  8. Awesome! Now I have another excuse for my clutter - it doesn't matter how it got there, there's a whole process involved in cleaning it up - no wonder it never gets done! :)


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