Monday, February 28, 2011

Gratitude Journal #80

Today, I am grateful for all the people who left comments on Friday's post. Braver, smarter, stronger. Yes. You are amazing women.

Today, I am grateful for Oscar. Yes, the show is ridiculously fawning and self-congratulatory, but I always enjoy the clothes. And sometimes the speeches are sweet. I loved the older gentleman who started his speech with "My father always said I would be a late-bloomer." Also, Kirk Douglas saying, "You know...." His presentation could have been sad; instead, he really stole the show!

Today, I am grateful for food, for George's cooking skills, and for abundance.

Today, I am grateful for Darth Daisy, wielding her light saber, and for Nick, who shot these pictures.

Darth Daisy Gives You the Evil Eye

Darth Daisy: "Say what?"

What are YOU grateful for today?


  1. I just read the responses to your post on Friday - what amazingly strong and vibrant women!

    I am grateful for my husband - the past 4 years have been frustrating and hard for both of us. While I don't have the option of walking away, he does... and he hasn't.

  2. I’m grateful that I can cook and clean and garden and drive and do the grocery shopping. All the things I hate doing but am grateful that I’m capable of doing.
    I’m grateful that the ironing is finished, my least favourite job, I know some people find it relaxing; I’m not one of them.
    Some days I find I’m just glad to be alive, and today is one of those days.

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  4. I'm grateful for the friend who invited me over to watch the Oscars with her when she remembered that my TV is not hooked up right now because of the living room renovations. I'm grateful for the contractor who is doing the renovations and for his easy manner and his great suggestions. I'm grateful that I have the money to make my home a lovely place to be now that I'm retired. And I'm grateful for the friends who were visiting from out of town and stayed with me anyway despite the mess of the renovations.

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