Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekly Giggle #27...or Something

Oh. My. Gosh.

I can't unsee this, so YOU might as well suffer with me.

Cake Wrecks occasionally does this to the blog-reading world, and I really don't know why no one has sued them yet for extreme mental anguish.

The first six pictures are bad enough, especially the "Farewell Baby Noh" with mom's leg half-eaten, but the last...

the last just...

well, all I can say in response is to quote Kurtz from Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness:

"The horror, the horror."

The Cake Cannibals


  1. "And then they discovered gelatin". -- Oh, my eyes! That one made me laugh! What are these bakers thinking? Were these cakes the result of some sort of demented "most hideous baby shower cake" contest? Thanks for the morning howl of laughter!

  2. I'm glad I looked at this after lunch!

  3. Ok....Because of you I started following this blog! But somehow I missed today.

    Until now.

    OMG! What are people THIKING?!! ROTFL

  4. Oh my goodness! Not only did I roar with laughter at these (especially the gelatin!), but I followed the linked of related posts at the bottom... there aren't enough words... LOL

  5. Are you sure there WAS a thought process involved here...? I'm not convinced. This is the stuff of nightmares; so why is it so funny? One of life's great mysteries...sigh

    Thanks for my first BELLY laugh of the day (groan...). Hanging my head in shame ;oD

    I wanted to say that I only discovered this little haven last week and it is such a joy to visit. Thanks so much for sharing. Lx

  6. I had a choice...and I clicked.

    Unsee, unsee!

  7. I am going to check my cupboards and throw away anything that resembles Jell-o as soon as I stop retching at the cakes and laughing at the comments!


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