Monday, February 7, 2011

Gratitude Journal #77

Today, I am grateful for the note Jack's teacher sent home Friday: "Made grilled cheese today. He wouldn't eat his, of course. He kept saying 'I'm so brave' when at the stove flipping the sandwich." At least he got close enough to the evil grilled cheese to flip it. It would be silly of us to expect him to, you know, eat it.

Today, I am grateful for this picture:

Today, I am grateful for commercials, although the best SuperBowl commercial was the Volkswagon Darth Vader one, which I'd already seen before.

Today, I'm grateful that my weekly Bible study resumes tomorrow after a two-month break. I've missed it.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. •I am grateful for a little time to myself
    •I am grateful that my schizophrenic daughter is having a good day
    •I am grateful to see the, much missed sunshine

  2. What a lovely picture. This made me smile and reminds me of many, many similar occasions with my own son, for which I thank you. He is now 13 and many of my friends are dismayed that he has lived so long given his lifetime aversion to anything green or healthy. Wonders will never cease. I'm grateful.


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