Thursday, February 10, 2011

Things on Thursday: A Mentholated Surprise

These are my new favorite cold treatment item.

Unfortunately, when you take the wrapper off the box, there's very little on the box to warn an unsuspecting drippy nose of the addition of Vicks to the tissues. So when George grabbed a tissue and inhaled deeply before blowing, he felt a blast of menthol which, oddly enough, came out of his eyeballs.

I laughed helpfully. Then apologized. Then laughed some more.

We're a little short of entertainment around here.

If you get a cold this season and don't mind menthol coming out your eyes (I find it rather nice), Puffs Plus with Vicks are really quite comforting. And no, Puffs isn't paying me to say nice things about their Vicks-enhanced tissues, but if they read this and send me free boxes, I'll be really grateful.


  1. So sweet that you share 'everything' with George! First your cold, and now your stinky tissues! lol... Hope you both feel better soon, being sick is no fun. (and we all know what having a sick MAN in the house is like!)

  2. I love Puffs with lotion-don't know that I have had the Vicks ones.

    I posted on my blog today and titled it 'Things on Thursday'. Now I know why it sounded familiar-sorry for snagging your line!!

  3. Oh Susan - that is TOO funny! I also would have laughed at poor George. Hope you're feeling better REAL quick.

  4. I'm sure there is going to be warning labels on them soon. "Can only use one tissue every four hours". "do not use while driving or operating heavy machinery" :) Have to go get a pack and check it out.

  5. Puffs with Vicks? Must. have. Do they come in a sealed box so if you don't go through all of them, they stay, well, you know: Vicks-y?

  6. Well, it's a regular Puffs box, but mine has been open for a couple weeks and it's still going strong!


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