Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Random Tuesday

It's been a disappointing few days.

1. Ice. It's great in a glass, on a skating rink, or in Antarctica. It's most definitely not great on sidewalks and roads. Mother Nature, you seriously need to make up your mind. Snow or rain. Those we can deal with. Ice. Not so much.

2. See how vicious Daisy can be? Check out those fangs, the crazy demon eyes, and the way she uses her paws to defend herself against the big, bad daddy with opposable digits poised to strangle her.

It's all an act.

Daisy was attacked yesterday by two miniature schnauzers who broke out of their electronic fence and methodically attacked her butt. Despite the fact that she equalled the two dogs in weight and could have chomped them both with little effort, Daisy tucked her tail between her legs and bravely tried to hide behind me. While one schnauzer barked and harassed our front, the other would sneak behind and bite Daisy on the backside. She cried, yipped, whimpered, and looked at me with hurt eyes that said, "Why don't these dogs LOVE me?"

This must have been a shock to her because not thirty yards before we reached the schnauzers, Daisy had had a happy butt-sniffing visit with a 75-pound golden retriever named Rose. The two of them try to out-submit each other. It's really quite funny.

Fortunately, the mean schnauzers didn't break her skin, but poor Daisy had schnauzer spit all over her backside. Those yappy mongrels would be in low Earth orbit if George had been walking Daisy. I, however, sternly told them "No!" and moved Daisy away as fast as I could without running. Then...oh, I'm really stern, aren't I?...I left a stern message on their owners' answering machine and paced shakily for a while. Turns out their electronic fence collar batteries were dead. The owner apologized and said she was going to replace the collars with ones that also keep the dogs from barking (good news because they are a serious nuisance at 6:30 in the morning).

So I guess the viciousness with which Daisy plays doesn't translate to the real world. Or perhaps she was picking up on my own viciousness when confronted with two attack schnauzers.

Really, we're just a pair of pansies.

3. Word Mole. I hate this game. I just discovered last night that it's NOT like Boggle. You don't have to make sure the letters are adjoining to form words; you can touch any letters anywhere on the screen to form words. This rocked my world, and not in a good way. Within just a few minutes, I'd beaten my top score by hundreds of points and could have kept going indefinitely. It's not fun anymore because it's just too easy. What's the point? I guess I should be grateful. Instead, I'm just mad.

4. I had two different companies solicit interest in my blog on the same day, and neither struck me as worthy of follow-up. Why oh why won't Starbucks or Barnes and Noble or LLBean offer to give stuff away to my readers?

5. I tried the Thai Chicken Salad at Panera for lunch yesterday, and it's not good. I ate it because I paid for it, but it's just not good.

Now Panera won't ever offer to give stuff to my readers either.

6. I scheduled my annual mammogram for February 14. 'Cause nothing says romance like not wearing deodorant and getting your boobs squished.  

It's a good thing all this didn't happen last week when I had PMS. If it had, I'd be curled up in the fetal position on my bed sucking my thumb.

See. I knew I'd find a bright side. It could always be worse.


  1. I always wonder why I enjoy the random thoughts of others so much. Maybe it is because I have so many random thoughts of my own.

    Water bottle. That's the key to putting off mean, vicious dogs. Carry a water bottle and squirt it at their face. They don't like it. It has been tested while riding bikes (they hard part there is balancing, while kicking at said dog(s) and trying to get bottle out of cage) and worked very well against a HUGE german shepard that came out to attack while walking our Australian Cattle Dog.

    The water bottle also works great to remind said mentioned Australian Cattle Dog who is REALLY the boss when he "back talks" and gets sassy after being made to do a sit/stay for a while.

  2. Ah, poor Daisy. Maybe you should have named her "Killer". I'm no expert on Golden Retrievers, but I think that would have been hilarious.

    I'm with you on the ice. Ice - bad. Ice under snow - really bad.

  3. Susan, I love coming here. You make me smile, cry, and laugh out loud. I can always relate to what you are writing! Regarding number four, I know a blogging friend you can send them to! I really need to begin making some money somehow to offset all that I spend! lol... Take care, and don't ever stop writing! I will be first in line to buy your book :)

  4. Susan, I had the Thai Salad tonight too..yuck! I'm sticking with the BBQ Chicken salad...much better choice because I love Panera! You make me laugh with your posts...the visual of the two little dogs with Daisy had me laughing out loud! Stay warm despite all the nasty ice!

  5. You definately still have your sense of humour in the midst of those random thoughts. Bravo! Can understand your frustration at the word game - but rules, schmules.. you play it the way you want to I reckon!

  6. Poor Daisy. Several years ago Carin (big, scary-looking chow with heart of gold) was attacked by two Chihuahuas who broke INTO our fence. I found her outside standing on a box with the two little demons biting her ankles. She looked at me with such hurt feelings. "Why don't they just want to play?"

  7. Small rat dog attacks is the reason why I wear hiking boots when I walk Annie. When she was younger she was always getting nip at by smaller dogs. Now I just let her off her leash. Little dogs aren't so brave when the bigger dog is free to run after them. Annie doesn't hurt them but she does give them a good big bark in their face. For the most part Annie will ingore all ankle biters unless they get in her way of her tennis balls. A PMS posting would be interesting.


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