Thursday, February 17, 2011

Things on Thursday: Best Dog Toy EVER

Daisy loves these knotted ropes with handles. She pounces on them. She chews them. She runs around the house with them as she growls viciously and happily at the same time. She drags hapless Nick across the carpet with them. She shakes them to death...a deed that is unsettling similar to self-flagellation since the knots and handle thud painfully into her body yet she appears not to notice.

She is a dog on a mission: Kill. The. Rope.

These ropes have also lasted weeks longer than other toys. We had to stop buying stuffies or those awesome unstuffed soft toys. She ate their faces off within minutes of getting them.

She also eats carpet. And rocks.

She is not sensible, yet we love her all the same.


  1. I am being seriously ambushed about a dog at the moment and your photos of Daisy are just plain unfair. I think we will end up with a Retriever but apparently we are going to the pound tomorrow (no promises mind!) to give our daughter a sense of what it is not to take responsibility for an animal. They were completely inundated during the floods and this is their first open day since then. What's the bet that it will be me that falls for something (most likely a cat).

  2. The rope is one of Annie's favs. She also likes to kill the rope and tug a war. It was funny this week when I was home with a cold that when I was playing tug a war with her, I laid down on the sofa. Annie became very worried and started to whine. If I sat up everything was fine but if I started to lean over she would stop pulling and get a very worried look on her face. I'm guessing she thought I was getting ready to take a nap and playtime was over. Have to love our fur babies.

  3. What a cute photo. And you lucky dog (no pun intended)... our Labradoddle eradicates those rope toys. The knots and the rope itself are toast in his teeth. Same with stuffies - they last no longer than 10 minutes. It's interesting to watch though and we've noticed a consistent behavior in him... he'll chew the apendages off as if to say "Ah hah - now you can't get away because you have no legs or ears to fly with". It's fascinating - he leaves the body alone but gets any small tail, leg or other adornment such as a santa hat, that is hanging off of the stuffie. About the only toys that last longer than a few hours are the air kong tennis ball fabric kind. He'll go a few months before peeling off the yellow fuzz. At least he spits it out for me!

    Thanks for sharing your pictures; I love hearing your stories. Sincerely, Beverly.


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