Monday, February 21, 2011

Gratitude Journal #79

Today, I am grateful for steak. Ribeye steak. Medium-rare ribeye steak. Just call me carnivore.

Today, I am grateful for our recent unseasonably warm weather...the sunny side of things to come.

Today, I am grateful for color. Jack's room is the saddest, blandest room in the house, and this week I'm going to transform it into a happy place that's color-coordinated (in blue...his favorite color) and decorated with framed masterpieces from his own hand and some cut-up Thomas the Tank Engine books.

Today, I am grateful for automatic bill pay.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. College holidays - break from driving
    Dental plans - oops
    Chocolate – sorry dental plan
    Books - just love words
    Wally trollies – never could carry much

  2. today i am grateful for a 23-year old son who is so thoughtful of his parents. he took our car to the carwash, filled up the tank with expensive gas, and then took his mom out to lunch, i am so very grateful! lucky me! and thank you for reminding me to feel this way!

  3. Today I am grateful that I had the day off, and was able to help my Mom and Dad. They're having hardwood floors put in their home. Moving furniture, packing boxes of books... the list goes on. Can anyone say "Felt pads"?

    Today I am grateful for my granddaughter who loved the Valentine gift her Nana sent her, so much so that she's asked Nana's help in making some of the same for her friends. Quite the little entrepeneur. (She's not GIVING it away, but is certainly willing to sell it!)

    Today I am grateful for the little bundle of love and fur, named Toby, curled up by my side, as close as he can get. These 4 day weekends are hard on him - he'll be lonesome tomorrow when I go back to work. (Linda E)


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