Monday, August 1, 2011

Gratitude Journal #98

Today, I am grateful for love and kindness.

Today, I am grateful for this photo George took.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. Getting my sewing machine fixed.

    An incredible expanse of blue sky.

    Being back at home.

    Fresh spinach from the garden.

    Links to souls across the oceans.

    Orchid buds.

  2. The soreness after being put in traction... because I know tomorrow my back will feel much better.

    My physical therapists.

    The book I received today from Paperback Swap, "My Life in Pictures" by Temple Grandin, which I've had on my wish list for over a year.

  3. A day at home with no commitments!
    That my husband,who, called for jury duty, did NOT get the 4 day assault trial!
    That today is a cool, lovely green morning, with birds singing.

  4. That photo is stunning, Susan!
    I am grateful for the blue skies and warmish air of perfect Brisbane Winter days.
    I am grateful for my two beautiful girls.
    I am grateful for a loving and supportive husband.

  5. What a gorgeous photo!

    I'm grateful for family and people who are willing to have hard, but life-giving conversations with others.


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