Thursday, August 11, 2011

Things on Thursday: Muskrat

Well, I wanted to share a picture of a bald eagle today, but of course my little Nikon won't take a good picture of the regal birds soaring around our cabin. George got some great pictures, but as he hasn't bothered to share them with me yet*, I'm stealing a picture of a muskrat off the interwebs because we did see one of these (looking remarkably like the one in this picture) swimming across the cove of our beach yesterday.

I imagine one muskrat looks quite different from another to other muskrats, but to me they all sort of look alike.

*In fairness, George has been having way too much fun to bother sending me pictures, which I believe he's not even downloaded from his camera. Thank heaven for huge memory cards, because there will be lots of awesome Minnesota photos sometime next week!


  1. Speaking as a Brit who has only been lucky enough to travel to the US once and experience the awesome wildlife up-close. I am mighty impressed with your muskrat and look forward to George's (undoubtedly impressive) photographs. Tell him his public awaits. England Expects! I am deeply jealous on many levels...but only in a good way. My photographic skills are NIL and although we have some beautiful wildlife in the UK, it's always nice to share. I'm looking forward to sharing yours vicariously or otherwise...!? Apologies for the whole !? thaing. I realise it is beyond the pale but I can't help myself.

    I would say have a great vacation but I can see you already are. In that case, I'm thinking CONTINUE having a great vacation could well be the appropriate response but worry that it sounds more like an instruction than a fond hope for the future. Oh dear! Bibble, babble. I can only apologise.


  2. Oh blimey, she's back again. In my enthusiastic rush to praise your Muskrat I realise I have used a full stop instead of a comma in my first sentence. I hope you can forgive. It was the Muskrat wot dun it (that did it).... I was overcome.... Lx

  3. It sounds like you are having a wonderful holiday. I really look forward to seeing more photos. I can understand George's enthusiasm when there is so much inspiration surrounding him.


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