Thursday, August 4, 2011

Things on Thursday: Progress

We no longer have to get up, walk across the family room, turn a knob, and adjust rabbit ears to change one of three (or four, if you got PBS) channels on the television. Instead, we have to get up, search the room for one of three misplaced remotes, find the one for the cable box, aim at the television, push a button, and select from several hundred channels.

This is progress. Sort of. Especially if you were the one who had to stand forever holding the rabbit ears because every time you let go, the reception went all fuzzy.

We no longer have to collect dozens of catalogs to do our holiday shopping. Instead, we receive emails that link us to every single thing we could ever want...and lots of stuff we don't.

This is progress. Sort of. Especially if you prefer to do your shopping in your jammies at midnight.

We no longer have to go to the bookstore once a year to get the most recent Rand McNally Road Atlas. Sometimes, Rand even marked road construction on his maps. Instead, we plug the Garmin into a laptop and download the latest updates; plus, thanks to satellites, we get all sorts of real-time information on traffic and road delays and speed limits. Even more of a plus, we can get Yoda to give us directions and an X-wing fighter icon to stand in for our car on the electronic maps.

"Lost you are. At the next right, turn you must."

THIS is progress. Except George and I are too cheap to pay $12.99 for the Yoda voice and X-wing icon. Still, it's cool that we could.


  1. How cool! I had no idea about the Yoda voice option. Probably because I'm in the ever decreasing group of people who still uses an atlas when I travel:)

  2. Oooh, I've got one of those. I didn't realise about the Yoda voice either. Live and learn. Lx

  3. I'm living in a time warp - no television or bunny ears so no remotes to hunt for and no car so no need for Yoda or Ozzy Osbourne :) Hate it when I need to show ID anywhere as I don't have a driving licence and no passport, I swear the dolts who ask for ID are sure I have smuggled myself in from outer space.
    Oh and I can't watch any television related programme via the computer as my broadband speed is too slow. Never mind we have the radio and we have a music deck plus books galore :)

  4. Don't you get so tired of the 'voice' saying 'recalculating'. Sometimes I even think they sound exasperated with us.

  5. I would so cave and pay the $13 for the Yoda voice!! As long as there's a nice male Australian or Scottish accent there too ;)

  6. After an interesting evening of driving around downtown Denver looking for the place we were going, my dad bought us a TomTom for Christmas. Otherwise we never would've thought of it! :) Wonder if they have the Yoda option....

  7. Agree with Claire....$13 for Yoda's voice is a pittance compared to the hours of enjoyment I would get from listening to him.

  8. Just returned from a trip to Maine. I'm afraid I still love atlases and actual road maps which I collect every time I cross a state line, because they are big enough to see the whole picture. Even more I love topo maps which are getting harder and harder to find.


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