Monday, August 8, 2011

Gratitude Journal #99

Today, I am grateful for George's Grandma's 100th birthday party, and for brothers and sisters.

And mothers and daughters.

Today, I'm grateful Grandma wasn't hurt worse in a recent fall from her wheelchair.

Today, I'm grateful for what happens when little boys get hold of the camera and take pictures of themselves...

...and their brothers.

Today, I am grateful for that cool feeling kids have when life is REALLY super-sized.

Today, I am grateful for giant inflatable slides on cold Minnesota lakes.

Today, I am grateful for family, log cabins, bald eagles, laughter, hand shakes, and hugs.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. Enjoyed your family photos. How nice to have such a large family :) Your boys have such beautiful, expressive eyes. It's always fun to see their photos. lol...Today I am very grateful that we had a bit of rain, and our high today will only be 88 degrees -Woot woot- no 100+ for us today! Have a great week.

  2. The pictures of your boys are hilarious! And what on earth is that thing with the gigantic tires?? My boys would be so jealous.

  3. Congratulations to Grandma for reaching that special age and hope her cuts and bruises heal quickly, poor lady.
    Lovely to see your family photos too. And I hope you saved me a piece of that yummy looking cake :)It should travel to the UK okay!
    Today I am grateful to see our lovely daughter, super SIL and two gorgeous grandsons after their fortnight's holiday - missed them more than I can say.

  4. Great pictures, Susan! Looks and sounds like a wonderful trip.
    Today I am grateful that I still have three more weeks off before having to go "back to school".
    I am grateful for great friends, who can give advice and support when needed.


  5. So glad you're all having fun, I'm with you on the temperature thingy though, coats are definitely de rigueur on a blustery cool day. Congrats to your Grandmother 100 years is a great achievement although it looks as if she hasn't arrived totally unscathed, hope she's alright:0) Gay xxx

  6. Today, I am grateful that my cyber-friend Susan (may I call you that?) brought back memories of my own great-grandmother and the family reunions that revolved around her. Good times!

  7. Precious pictures and precious memories. Flipped through a few pages of this blog and love your thoughts :) Thanks for sharing.


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