Thursday, August 18, 2011

Things on Thursday: Less than a Week to Go!

As the commercial says, it's the most wonderful time of the year! Nick looks like the children in the ad. Jack, on the other hand, can't wait for next Wednesday.

Today, we're going to Nick's school to practice his locker combination. It's hard to believe my boy will have a locker and that he wanted a messenger bag instead of a backpack. I hope the whole locker thing gets him a tiny bit excited for school. Since school isn't a choice, it's much better to have a good attitude about it.

Life is easier if you're a geek, you know.


  1. My boy started kindergarten today. Yes, today! Eeek!
    Mom was a bit teary several times today. I really broke down when I read the lovely poem that his teacher sent home. *sniffle*
    He, however, couldn't possibly *love* it more!

  2. Then I'm a geek. I LOVED the first day of school!


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