Monday, August 29, 2011

Gratitude Journal #102

Today, I am grateful for two birthdays last week: my mother's and my younger son's. I'm also grateful for nine years with this beautiful boy.

Self Portrait

Today, I am grateful for the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., for his courage, his intelligence, his ability to communicate clearly God's message of dignity, compassion, and love for all.

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While we were driving to the Newport Aquarium Saturday, we listened to an interview on NPR. It's just a few minutes long, so please take time to listen. I am so inspired by--and grateful for--Nate Masters' perspective on life.

"Life is not hard. It's just a little troublesome sometimes." That's faith.

Today, I am grateful for faith, optimism, and rejoicing in the morning.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. The sun is shining, I got out of bed by myself, listened to the birds chirping outside our windows, experienced DH hugs, and puppy kisses, AND a steaming hot cup of coffee. All of this was followed by visiting friends on-line, and to top it off, this very handsome young man's beautiful smile has made my day!!! Life is good, and I'm grateful to be here yet one more day! Thanks for asking :)

  2. That the Lord's given me another day to try to be nicer! He's quite understanding that way. That we're gradually getting the mess cleaned up from sorting things out for the auction. That we sold our motor home, even though we'll both miss it like crazy and the opportunities it gave us in traveling. That my younger daughter is in such a MUCH, MUCH better place in her life than a year ago. That I love my husband and he loves me. That the sun is shining (I'm one of the weird "light" persons). That I'm enjoying stamping as much as I am. That so many people are praying for and caring for Janelle. I better quit. I could be here at least a couple days!! Handsome boy, Susan.

  3. What amazing blue eyes your son has!! Great picture :)

    SO much to be thankful for I could type for pages. Comes with being a cup half full type of person :) Today I'm thankful for my hubby's cooking. He is a great cook (I am not!) and does a good portion of the cooking in our house. He heads up our annual home made spaghetti sauce making weekend. I'm allergic to oregano, basil, thyme, sage, rosemary (basically the aromatic herbs) so we make our own. Start with 50 pounds of Roma tomatoes and 2 hours later we have 32 750ml yoghurt containers made and it lasts us a year :) Also cooks, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas dinners (I'm master seus chef and clean up girl LOL!) and great meals on the weekends. We would definitely not eat as well without him!!

  4. It's a beautifil day today . . . sunshine.
    Thanks for the link . . . I love his comment about life not being hard, just a little troublesome sometimes . . . and that we just need to get through the day.

  5. Thank you for sharing this wise man's words of wisdom. It is neat to know he lives so close to my family in Maryland. I too am a University of Maryland (College Park Campus) alumni.

    His words are so true... it is something like:
    "Faith makes things possible, not easy".

    It is through difficult and pesky times that God refines us to do His work and re-directs us to Himself. For when I am weak, my Lord is the strongest. I truly believe that each and every day.

    Love each other more than things and put God first and everything else in life is just a minor speed bump on our journey to His kingdom and everlasting life.
    In Christ, Marilyn :o)


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