Monday, August 22, 2011

Gratitude Journal #101

Today, I am grateful that school starts in two days. Oh so grateful.

Today, I am grateful for this news story I just clicked on from  Happy News. Semper Fi, indeed. Get a tissue.

Today, I am grateful that my father-in-law should be leaving the hospital today and is well on the road to recovery.

Today, I am grateful for laughter. Especially at the expense of sleeping pups whose cheeks are subject to mean ol' gravity.

"Check out my fangs. Grrrr. Terrifying, aren't they?"

Not really, Daisy. Not really.

"Then stop laughing and rub my gloriously furry belly."

Yes, ma'am.

What are you grateful for today? 


  1. Banana bars for breakfast (homemade). Love Daisy. She needs to meet Olivia. And Wally. Bet they'd be great friends.

  2. Today, I am very grateful that DD made the trip across country yesterday. If you want a great laugh this morning, check out her blog story about loading the car on the car carrier! (you can find it at smalltowngirlsguide dot com) That Daisy is just full of personality - I would be rubbing her gloriously furry belly all day long! Hugs...!

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  4. Your Daisy makes me smile. I'm grateful for you sharing your lovely bundle of sunshine.

  5. I am grateful that I get to volunteer at a used clothing shop where nearly everything in the store is a dollar or less. And of course while I work, I can sort clothing and shop at the same time! I always come home with a bag of new clothes every month! FUN!And I am VERY grateful that my drawer balanced to the penny! YEAH! Paper Doll~

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