Monday, October 11, 2010

Gratitude Journal #61

Today, I am grateful George and I are Dog People. As George and I watched Daisy lying on her back trying to grab a nylabone she'd dropped behind her head, George said, "We have dogs because they allow us to feel superior and loved at the same time. It's a win-win situation."

Today, I am grateful my public-speaking engagement in church is over. Many thanks to all of you who gave me encouragement. The first service was rough, with shaky hands and a few choked-up moments. Second service went much better. In between services, a man thanked me for the presentation and said, "You know when you said you were getting goosebumps? Well, I was getting them, too." My goosebumps came when I was talking about the perfect timing of the Holy Spirit in the meal ministry's care of the Hammett family as they battled Lincoln's leukemia and after his death. For well over a year, the people of our church poured love onto that family in ways that still seem as miracles to me and deepened my faith not only in God but in mankind. So even if my delivery was awkward (and it was!), the message got through. And that's what's most important.

Today, I am grateful for the opportunity to be visited by three Mormon missionaries last Friday. A lot of people seem to think I was crazy for doing that, but it was a meaningful spiritual experience for me, and I hope for them as well. Whatever doctrinal differences we had (and they are considerable), three women showed me plenty of common ground on which to build respect and understanding. I'll write more about their visit later.

Today, I am grateful for perspective. It's wonderful to step back mentally from life and reassess priorities and get a more balanced perspective. That doesn't make the clutter and chaos of life go away, but it does allow me not to let clutter and chaos drain me of joy.

Today, I'm grateful that the Ironman World Championship brought so much joy to George. What an exciting race! You can bet there's another Ironman in his future.

What are you grateful for today?

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  1. I am very grateful for this sunny morning. As we start our slide into winter I know that I will need it more and more.

    I am also grateful that my mom has her health. My MIL is getting worse almost by the day (dementia has stolen her soul and left behind a sad, empty shell).

    Lastly, I am grateful that my cats have not barfed on the off-white carpet for the longest time. At least not any that I have found.


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