Monday, October 18, 2010

Gratitude Journal #62

Today, I am grateful for hay rides and pumpkin patches and apple fritters. I'm grateful for the three boys in my life and all the fun we have.

Today, I am grateful for this cute boy whose favorite color is blue and who picks out his pumpkin with a minimum of fuss. I'm also grateful for the boy in the background wearing the white t-shirt. Indecision may or may not be his problem.

Today, I am grateful for autumn harvest, for plenty, and for the abundance of blessings in our lives. (Please note: white-t-shirt boy picked out the biggest pumpkin. It weighed as much as the other three combined.)

Today, I am grateful for this golden retriever basking in a sunbeam and for the man who shot this amazing photo of Daisy Doolittle looking all grown up and dignified. She's not either of those things. In fact, she's just five months old today and quite shockingly unsensible. But it's cool to get a glimpse into the future.

Here is another picture, much more realistic, of her taken right before she threw up in the back seat of George's car. He was driving the family home after a fall hike in the woods.

"Dude! Drive nice or I'm gonna hurl! Uh-oh. Too late." Hard to believe both pictures are of the same dog, isn't it?

And why, when I write about Daisy, do unpleasant bodily fluids always come into the discussion?

Today, I'm grateful Daisy hurled in George's car and not mine.
What are YOU grateful for today?


  1. are so much fun!!! I love reading your gratitude journals! Your boys are all SO handsome!

  2. I'm just glad I am not the only person blogging about bodily fluids. But what a beautiful dog! She is so sweet.

  3. Great post! Well dogs do what dogs do.

  4. Awesome post - thanks for the laugh!
    I'm grateful for a bright, sunshine-y day.

  5. It is hard to believe that the same dog is in both pictures, she looks so grown up in the first one.

    Thank-you for sharing.

  6. I laughed so hard at your last grateful. "Better him than you."

    Daisy does look so grown up in the first photo -- so mature and calm. They say pictures can be deceiving, right?


  7. Hey Susan - here is a link to my friends blog - she is living a year gratefully! Thought you might be interested!



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