Thursday, October 7, 2010

Weekly Giggle #21

Are you wondering where I've been? Well, I'm adjusting. Adjusting to a new schedule. Adjusting to chaos. Adjusting to the idea of being a Stephen Minister. Adjusting to a second wave of cold virus. Adjusting to having to give a talk in church on Sunday. Adjusting to being popular over on my Simplicity blog.

I've never been popular before. I was always the next-to-last person chosen for teams in physical education. People ignored me in the halls at school. Now, I have stamp companies emailing me asking if I want free stuff. Free stuff sounds good, doesn't it? But I've already got a lot of free stuff. I'm drowning in free stuff.

I'm adjusting to free stuff. Honestly, that's not a problem, per se. Just an adjustment.

So that's where I've been. Adjusting. Eventually, I will finish the essay I'm working on for you. It's titled "Craving White Space in a Carnival World." Well, that is the working title. It might change. And no, white space isn't some racist thing. It's a reference to empty space in graphic design. White space can be black or purple or fushia. It's just empty.

Anyway, while I'm adjusting, I thought you might enjoy this lovely post over on Cake Wrecks by Prince Hobubu. As someone who recently received a phishing email telling me that my credit card had been deleted from PayPal and I needed to re-enter the card information by clicking on a link conveniently provided in the email, I have to say Prince Hobubu's appeal made me laugh hysterically.

And no, I didn't click on the link and give these phishers my credit card information. But George and I did talk to Nick about internet safety and how bad people use the internet to steal from people. He was shocked. "Isn't that illegal?" he asked.

Yes, son. It is. But trust Cake Wrecks to make us laugh about it.


  1. lol...happy to hear that you are adjusting! I'd certainly hate to have companies throwing free stuff at!!! Actually, like you, I'm running out of places-time to take a box to the Children's Home again! Sorry I haven't been around much these days to comment. DH and I have been married 37 years, most of it has been spent with me home, and him traveling. I started traveling with him in late July, and just can't seem to 'adjust'!!! Hugs, dear friend - don't forget about me out here! (and feel free to pass my name on to anyone making donations to the cause!!! Tee hee...just sayin'

    Oh - I forgot to tell you. DD ran her first 1/2 marathon a few weeks ago! She's my hero right next to George! (I did sacrifice that day, though, and drive the 1/2 marathon course! :)

  2. That Cake Wrecks site is very funny. I'll have to remember that one.

    But free stamps - wow!! That is amazing but not surprising. I'm surprised this hasn't happened before now, when I think about it.

  3. You deserve your celebrity status, you have a very loyal following. Thanks also for the update on the email scam - have to watch that one.

  4. Congratulations on your successes - a good adjustment to make.
    I'm also looking into white space at the moment. Does it come from needing breathing space? And there is an excellent article at scrap RDV : here

  5. That Cake Wrecks parody was excellent, down to the repeated Euro/dollar amounts. I love that site!

    You deserve all the free stuff any company wants to send you! They can see that you turn things into magic!


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