Friday, June 17, 2011

Words, Words, Words from Nick

"I want a work-free job." Nicholas Raihala

Honestly, I've never been afraid of work or seen it as an inherently negative thing...except housework, which no sanitary person can avoid. It seems rather pointless and unhelpful to whine about housework (though don't we all from time to time?) precisely because it's unavoidable. My attitude is to just do it when I have to as quickly and well as possible so I can move onto something more fun.

I have had jobs where I hated the work, and jobs (mostly teaching) where I loved the work so much that it didn't necessarily feel like work. Have you ever had a job you considered to be work-free because it was so much fun? Please share!


  1. I used to be a technical illustrator before everything was done by computer. I couldn't believe my good fortune some days. Even if the subject matter was an army vehicle or automotive, I'd sit at my drawing board, listening to music, and draw all day.

    Darn computers. ;^)

    I hope one day Nick finds a job that doesn't feel like a job!

  2. well, i worked for 20 years outside at night at a large winery in the "cellar" department, we made wine! i loved every single minute of that job, i wasn't bored once in the whole 20 years. i worked with the same 15 guys all those years, i laughed every single day and got a workout for free! i learned how to spit wine and surely have spit out more wine than most people will EVER drink, i learned how machinery works, i learned all about men.....every single one of them was a great guy, really! i got over being scared of bats and black widows and owls, i learned to haul 75 lbs. up 45 feet of steps winding around a metal wine tank...(i am still chicken about heights tho) hilarious! oh, i LOVED that job, i almost miss it, almost! retirement is a good thing too! (and i managed to help my husband raise 7 wonderful children and most of them work nights, crazy kids!!!)

  3. I used to be an embroidery designer, this too is nowadays done mostly by computers. Drawing logos etc and deciding which way the stitches would run and how to make the design both beautiful and efficient to be mass produced on big embroidery machines, that was actually fun. I am still very judgemental when I see embroidered work in the store!


  4. The job I hated the most was working in an office, I was bored rigid. I had three filing systems to 'master' and was told it would take me weeks - two days later I had those systems licked and spent too many hours twiddling my thumbs. The best job I ever had was when I became a dental nurse, a very interesting job. Can't believe how much the machinery and technology has changed since I was a dental nurse. It was whilst I was a nurse that I met my DH and that was enough to make it the best job ever :)

    Lynn x

  5. Love love love being a teacher of middle school students. Hate hate hate the new emphasis on testing them until their brains fall out in exhaustion.


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