Monday, June 27, 2011

Gratitude Journal #94

Today, I am grateful for our friend Derek's Ironman Coeur d'Alene finish last night. Derek, YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!!!!! Congratulations!!

Today, I am grateful for a safe and relaxing weekend, for mown grass and the man who mowed it, for good food and the man who prepared it, for children who didn't bicker all weekend.

Today, I am grateful for rechargers. These plugs and wires multiply exponentially in gadgety homes, but they keep my camera and cell phone and computers going. One day, at least in my wildest fantasies, there will be one universal recharger for all gadgets, and then I will be even more grateful.

Today, I am grateful for the parable of the Good Samaritan. Its lesson is so very beautiful...and so very hard.

Today, I am grateful the pain patch wore off Daisy's side because it was really irritating her. Unfortunately, it seems to have been doing some good, so I'm calling the vet this morning to get some more medicine for the drooping Daisy. I am grateful for vets and the medicines that give comfort to our furry friends.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. there is already such an animal! behold:

  2. I am grateful for our two very funny and amusing grandsons. Long may they retain their humour and wit.

  3. I'm grateful for the nice weather we had today and yesterday. Good weather has been a rarity lately in these here parts. I'm also grateful it was nice enough for me to get in the yard and sling four 40 lb. bags of compost on the shade bed. Six more to go...

  4. Today I am grateful for my daughter's good mood, when we went to IKEA and an outlet mall afterwards (there is nothing worse than going somewhere with a grouchy teenager!).
    I am also grateful for my new flooring in our basement. My husband and I just can't get over the fact, that we finally did this and how great it looks :)


  5. I'm grateful for peonies and our new outdoor dining table. We would have eaten out there tonight, except it was raining . . .

  6. Today I am grateful that my husband usually makes the coffee, because the pot I made this morning is pitiful. It must be his magic touch, because the formula is pretty simple, isn't it?


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