Friday, June 24, 2011

Words, Words, Words about Life

"Life continues to happen. Move with it, not against it." Anon

As a recovering control freak and perfectionist, these words speak directly to the heart of me. Has there been a time when life was happening to you and this saying proved true..or not? Certainly there are times when one has to move against life's injustice and oppression, but I think this saying is pointing at those hardships we often have limited or no control over (illness, marriages crumbling due mainly to one partner's choice, our children's development, etc.). Please share your feelings on this.

And have a life-filled weekend!


  1. Going through this right now. DH has had a career change, and I'm having to force myself to move with all of the changes in his career and in him. Funny thing is, I feel like life is continuing to happen for him, and like I'm being left behind...make any sense? Not complaining, just commenting! Thanks for ALWAYS giving me something to think about. Hugs!

  2. Letting a child learn from the school of hard knocks and trusting that God can use even that is difficult. But, when I manage to stop trying to fix things and instead get to that place of trust and surrender I get peace.

  3. How right you are, Susan.. It's interesting that there are times when letting go of the angst of a situation works for the best.. that to focus on the everyday, enables you to get through the tough time. Having said that, I have also had times when I have emerged from the fog of being somewhat insular, to find that everyday life does seem surreal in a way.. both have worked for me as ways of dealing with life's experiences!

  4. I'm also a recovering perfectionist (and control in some areas but not so much with controlling people, just my environment - neat freak!), but also a people pleaser so it's quite difficult to find the balance of going with the flow vs being bowled over by others vs sticking up for those issues that matter.

    All a learning experience . . . and looking from an eternal perspective always helps to recalibrate the scales that weigh the options! (Even asking, will this matter in a month's time?, a year's time? changes one's outlook)


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