Monday, June 20, 2011

Gratitude Journal #94

Today, I am grateful for a wonderful evening Saturday night with my husband of twenty-five years. We had a romantic dinner at the Wine Loft (five courses, five wines, fabulous!), bookish browsing at Books and Company, and laugh-out-loud fun watching Bridesmaids. I love you, man!

Today, I am grateful for abundant, silly noises made by golden retrievers who are baffled by their reflections in windows at night. When I closed the curtains, Daisy was soooo much happier.

Today, I am grateful for veterinary surgeons who fix defective knees. Daisy will have her first surgery tomorrow.

Today, I am grateful for a number of pictures George took of the silly golden, but most especially, this one.


Today, I am grateful for father figures in my life, most specifically for my uncle Darius and my father-in-law Roger. And I'm grateful that the father of my children is also awesome.

Today, I am grateful for repair people who can fix things, replace things (specifically, today, water softeners and pressure regulator valves), and generally know how to be far more useful in life than I will ever be.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. i find you to be very useful, thanks

  2. I agree. Your blogs are very helpful/useful. You make me smile, think, create. Thanks.

  3. I am grateful for this blog, which helps me refocus on what is important in life. Thanks, Susan.

  4. Susan, wishing Daisy well with her surgery today.

  5. Hope Daisy is up and running and staring at her reflection VERY soon! Give her a get well hug for me. Oh, and I'm VERY grateful that I found your blogs...I so look forward to them every day.


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