Thursday, July 1, 2010

Things on Thursday: The Lump

Miracle Dog did us the kindness of NOT dying while we were on vacation. He has now lived beyond expectations by almost two months and may actually make his 13th birthday on July 5. I wonder if y'all suspect that I'm making this whole cancer thing up. Well, here's the evidence:

Like you even need me to label the lump, right?

I hate the lump. This thing sucks. And it's sucking the life out of Hoover. We don't see this happy face much anymore, mainly just when we're eating or when he wants to go outside. He no longer gets up to greet us when we come home and just barks in place when the doorbell rings. He can barely put weight on his left leg and limps badly any time he walks. He's still interested in begging for food, but he has stopped eating his Iams and lost a lot of weight at the kennel.

I guess it's a good thing we had fattened him up on steak and bacon and ice cream.

Neither George nor I can decide which is less bad: having a dog die suddenly (as Shemya, our Samoyed, did) or having a long good-bye. I do know I'm grateful for every happy minute with Hoover. I am also deeply sad every time I look at him because that damn lump can't be ignored.

I try to look on the sunny side of life, but right now, well, the lump is eclipsing the sun.


  1. I am really sad for you, it's so hard. Last year I had to say goodbye to my beautiful, funny, loving cat after a long illness. It hurts everyday, be strong xxx

  2. Hugs to all of you including sweet Hoover. These situations are the hardest part of loving our furbabies. All I can tell you is keep spoiling and loving on him and let him love you back.

  3. Susan....I can`t tell you to be strong...simply because I am not. I am sitting here crying my eyes out over Hoover and the unfairness of it all. Our lab is the same age and in relatively good health but you just have to be realistic and know that any day could be THE day. Saying goodbye is never easy...and I don`t believe it hurts more one way or the other...short or just plain hurts. I do send you and Hoover love, understanding, and compassion. Hugs, Judi

  4. I know exactly how it feels. Our loving dog was 17 when we finally had to put her to sleep because she no longer could enjoy life. We didn't know what to do with our pizza crusts for months after that!

  5. We were in your shoes a few years ago, and I know there are no words to help you through this. I am so glad for Hoover that he has you to help HIM through this. Hugs and blessings, dear friend. Sending up special prayers for you all.

  6. Susan: I'm so sorry about Hoover. We lost our Golden Retriever, Crockett to a "Lump" a few years ago and it was very hard. We still miss him. Crockett's "Lump" was in his brain and we didn't even know he had it until it began displacing one of his eyes. I can still remember my last day with him. I had taken him to the Vet Eye Dr. for a check and he had told us the "Lump" had gotten to the point where it was causing him pain and would begin to cause seizures and other significant neurological issues. I made the appointment with our regular vet for that afternoon and called my husband to give him the bad news. I spent the rest of the day with Crockett; including helping him to hide from an afternoon thunderstorm. Then we went to the vet's office where my husband met us. We both stayed with Crockett until he drew his last breath; we felt that we could do no less. It was so very hard. I grieve for you and your family as you work your way through this difficult process.

  7. Thank you all. This is such a universal experience of dog ownership. I'm carrying around Bliss to You, a book by Trixie Koontz, a golden retriever owned by Dean Koontz. Trixie dictated the book from the Rainbow Bridge where she's waiting for Dean and his wife. Oddly enough, it's comforting. Tear-invoking, but comforting.

    Hugs to all who have been where we are now.

  8. I read this entry after Hoover died. He hung on during your vacation because he had to say goodbye. Our 16 year old Golden, Sam, did the same thing for us 8 years ago. 3 days after returning from our Christmas vacation, she took her last breath in my arms. Unconditional love is by far the best love, but something you'll never recover from.

  9. as i wipe tears from my eyes..i know how you feel..having had to do this so many times..we can never praise or talk about our furbabies enough.
    I hurt each time i have to go thru this..but know it is best for my furbabies..and i just keep thinking of all the joy they brought me in their time here with me..
    farewell are now romping painfree with all the other furbabies at Rainbow Bridge..furry (((((hugs)))) and love from my 2 furbabies..Kassidy and Harley..and me..loves ya


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