Wednesday, July 28, 2010

First Impressions

First of all, we're not exactly sure what sort of animal Daisy is. Oh, she looks like a well-bred golden retriever, but she sounds like a strange hybrid of chicken, hyena, and wolf. And she sounded like all three most of the night. At one point, George asked, "How can something so small be so loud?"

Nick and Jack slept through the cacophony last night so they will learn today what it means to take responsibility for a puppy because I plan on sleeping most of the day, but not until we go to the pet supply store and buy the right food and a smaller crate. The kids can't drive yet, so I'll have to do that much. After many mochas.

Second, Daisy is very inquisitive and not afraid of loud noises or new experiences. A motorcycle went by as we were taking her to our car, and she got alert and leaned toward the noise. When she tripped a doorstop at our house and made it twang, she didn't spook; she stared and sniffed. This is a very good thing.

Third, Daisy has a very soft mouth. Goldens are known for this, and perhaps as she starts teething this will change, but she attacked my hair last night while I lay on the floor and vigorously shook it...without hurting me at all. She also attacked my fingers without once making me yip. Of course, she did attack my slipper and the fringe on the small Persian rug in our bedroom, but neither of them complained very much either.

Fourth, George is already her favorite. After a few hours of chicken clucks, hyena laughs, and wolf howls last night, we inflated a mattress and George lay down right next to the crate. She was much quieter and calmer, but when George excused himself for a bit, she started making her unusual array of vocalizations and I lay down to comfort her. I hope I get my hearing back. She quieted as soon as George returned, though, and only got loud when she needed to go out or was hungry.

Fifth, she's too cute for words.

Sixth, she is capable of sleep, and one night in the future, she will sleep through the night.

That blissful night really can't come soon enough.


  1. Daisy is just adorable! Is there anything really any cuter than a golden puppy????

  2. How absolutely wonderful she is, I'm going greener by the minute:)
    You left off one vital thing she is capable of, healing. Thinking of you all, have fun :)

  3. Isn't it amazing how quickly one can fall for a puppy? Every one of you already has 'love' in their faces in the photos you've included! What a gorgeous puppy your Daisy is! She's so lucky to have found such a warm and caring home to grow up in. Blessings to you all!!!

  4. Susan she is too cute for words! That little face screams to be loved!! As much as the growing months might be a pain - when she matures you are going to have yourself one AMAZING beautiful family member!! Goldens are the BEST EVAH!! Congrats on your new daughter!!

  5. I can't stand this. Daisy is TOO cute. I want to go right through my monitor and hug her.


  6. Daisy is too cute. I would run/walk her three times (before you feed her)a day to help with her sleeping through the night.

  7. Awesome! Daisy is just adorable! It's wonderful to see all of you in love with her already. My husband slept on the floor with our golden puppy when we brought him home, too. After that night, we brought the crate into our bedroom and put it next to my husband's side of the bed and Maxwell was very happy to have my husband's hand on top of the crate.

  8. Oh my gosh! such a cute girl...I had to show this to my DH who promptly started asking me when can we have one! I'm not too fond of least not yet..but heaven help me, I'm losing the battle!
    There's so much joy on each of your faces..they're already in love with her!
    God bless..have fun!

  9. Sigh. I think it's time to get another puppy. I feel myself weakening.

    I hope you get more sleep tonight.

  10. Your little Daisy is just a ray of...Furry Golden Sunshine? Just adorable. Good luck with all the puppy training to come! Cats are definitely more my speed, but I do find puppies irresistible!

  11. Daisy is just gorgeous and I can see that she has already found a place in your hearts.
    I wish you joy and fun with her x

  12. SO happy for you and the "boys" (I'm including your big, formerly mopey one). Daisy looks like a major cutie. Just remember... puppyhood is shorter than baby-toddlerhood... you will get through it! ;)

  13. Oh she's just adorable!
    A bit of advice that really helped with our puppy to get him to stop crying at night....get one of those old-fashioned wind up alarm clocks, the kind that "tick-tock" really loud. Put it near her bed at night. I think it mimmicks momma dog's heartbeat or something, but it worked like a charm for us! Our dog cried for 2 nights, then we tried this, and it worked! We used it for about 2 weeks, then forgot to wind it one night and found we didn't need it anymore.

  14. Congratulations on Daisy!!! Your whole family is emoting happiness and joy--babies will do that!!

    Enjoy this time--even if you're not getting enough sleep!!

  15. Adorable, Susan. Our golden retriever is about 2-1/2 years old and a complete joy. You are bringing back memories of those first months when she had to get up during the night ~ they went by in a flash. By the way, her crate is right next to the bed, too ;).

    Our dog goes by the name our friend (the breeder) gave her, because we got her at 11 weeks and my daughter thought she'd be used to it. If we hadn't kept that name, I would've named her Daisy!


  16. That middle photo (the close up of her with her eyes open) made me swoon - she is so cute and what gorgeous soulful eyes. Enjoy her puppy antics even if you are tired.

  17. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos of Daisy. I love her already and would like to give her a big smooch on her nose. She looks soooo soft and floppy and sweet :)

  18. oh my!!
    how darling!
    how wonderful!!
    aren't puppies the best?!
    thanks for sharing, susan.

  19. Wow she is gorgeous! Hoover will never leave your heart - he just moved over to make a spot for Daisy - enjoy!

  20. Susan, congrats to all of you. Daisy looks like she fits right in. She is gorgeous. Our neighbor has 4 golden's .. and I think of Daisy every day now. ;-)
    You are all blessed. Enjoy all the snuggles.

  21. I had better not let anyone in my family see these pics or they'll be after me for a dog too. Enjoy settling in with your new friend Daisy.


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