Thursday, July 29, 2010

Things on Thursday: Vintage Collar and Leash

Well, not exactly vintage. Thirteen years old. Another puppy. Another time and another place.

See the impish expression? The slightly crazy gleam in the eye? That was our Hoover, on a blisteringly hot day in Boise, Idaho, in 1997.

Last week, when we knew Daisy would be joining our family, George said, "We need to buy her a collar and leash." I thought, "Hey, no, we don't!" I descended into the scary bowels of our basement, straight to the oldest rubbermaid storage bin, nestled in a taken-apart airline crate and underneath a giant Cone of Shame.

That storage bin joined our family way back in 1989 when we got our first pup, Shemya. It's been in continuous use ever since as a repository for puppy and dog paraphernalia that doesn't get daily use, such as an old obedience clicker, a car harness we used with Shemya, four tiny puppy teeth, and dead spiders.

Don't worry. I threw out the dead spiders and kept the puppy teeth.

And there I found a small red collar and thin leash, perfect for a puppy. The first puppy who used it didn't like it much at first. See?

But then, the first puppy to use the red collar and leash was an unsensible imp. Daisy, the breeder assured us, would not be unsensible. She used that word when I asked about temperament and told her our first golden retriever had been hyper. "Oh, she won't be unsensible!" Unsensible. It was one of Hoover's most endearing traits.

And if I'd taken my camera on our walk last night, I'd have taken a picture that looks just like this one, only with a lighter-colored pup with sensible eyes.

I'll post more Daisy pictures tomorrow. Today, we're heading to the park for a meet-and-greet with our friends. And just so you know, Daisy was an angel last night. She didn't make her crazy chicken/hyena/wolf noises, went out only three times, and seemed to be perfectly at home in her new crate set-up.

Very sensible of her, don't you think?


  1. lol...This is SO much fun, Susan! Almost like I have a new puppy, but without the noise and mess! So happy that you are sharing all of this with us.

  2. Oh where Oh where could my little brain be? When I first read your title, I thought you were referring to a vintage tatted lace collar! He He! I read your whole post waiting to see if you were making Daisy wear one. Oh my! The picture in my head was priceless.

    Glad you are enjoying your sensible flower! Aren't Daisies some of the most sensible flowers around? Great name.

  3. Susan, I am having so much fun with your Daisy photos and stories. As Patti J said it is like my having a new cute puppy. I am home every day now and so would love the company of a puppy but I keep thinking of the "2 year puppy stage" with our black lab back in the 80's. As I said the other day, I want to HUG her. Please give her a hug for me.


  4. So happy for you and Daisy and wishing you many happy years together. Your blog is truly wonderful as you write with such style about life. Thanks!

  5. Do they have an obedience clicker for kids?

  6. I so enjoy the way you express yourself! I always leave your blog with a smile. Daisy is precious - as were the two before her.


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