Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mason Kids' Triathlon Race Report

There is a saying in triathlon (though I imagine it applies to any athletic competition) that you should train like you're going to race. This means that George goes on really long runs without his iPod because you can't wear an iPod during a race, he practices open water swims in a wetsuit, and he tries to figure out nutrition for the long, long bike ride by going on long, long bike rides.

Two months ago, George asked Nick if he wanted to do the Mason Kids' Triathlon again this year. Nick's answer: YES! But he only really trained for the bike portion. This showed in his race, where he placed 28th out of 82 participants in the bike. His average pace was almost 15 miles per hour. Go, Nick! The swim and run, however, were not so much fun.

And here he is, waiting his turn to jump into the water, full of excitement and hope and energy:

Cool action shot:

Sometimes, swimming looks like floating. Sometimes, it looks like no fun at all.

"Thank heaven THAT is over!"

"I like to ride my bicycle, my bicycle, my bicycle...."

"I have to RUN?!? A half mile?!?! No way, dude. I'm strolling. That's all I got. Besides, it's hot. Africa hot."

"I'm relaxed. I'm loose. I'm tired."

He actually did start running at some point and sprinted across the finish line looking quite strong. When asked if he wants to race next year (at double the distance since he will age up), he said yes. When asked if he will train for all three events, he said, emphatically, yes.


  1. Wahoo! You go, Nick!!! Lookin' good out there, sir - keep up the good work!

  2. Kids are funny. I love the strolling especially. :)

  3. I'm sending Nick a virtual high five for a job well done!


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