Thursday, July 29, 2010

Words, Words, Words from Charles Schulz

"Happiness is a warm puppy." Charles Schulz

...on your lap...

...licking your face...

...chewing an acceptable chew toy...

...playing with two acceptable chew toys...

...running way from the camera... (action shots of this warm puppy are tough to get in focus)

...sleeping on your lap...

...sleeping under your desk...

...sleeping on a park bench.

Happiness is NOT this...

I just threw in this last picture so those of you experiencing longing for warm puppy happiness understand the trade-offs. Many puppies are bought because they are cute and cuddly. Many are abandoned or dumped at shelters because they do stuff like this and because they shed fur. Lots of fur. As in, your dust bunnies will grow enormous, develop sentience, and hatch nefarious plots to take over your home. Complaining about dog fur is a bit like complaining that your frappuccino is cold. It's supposed to be cold. And dogs are supposed to be furry.

If the thought of a chewed chair leg upsets you, just imagine how upset you'll be engaging in guerrilla warfare with intelligent dust bunnies. Besides, you can live the warm puppy life vicariously right here. My blog will not result in chewed chair legs or killer dust bunnies. I also will not ask you to run around outside in bare feet through dew-covered grass in the middle of the night to retrieve a puppy who wants nothing so much as to eat the vomit she deposited next to the swing set when a little boy decided to see if she liked swinging with him.

You are ever so welcome.


  1. I'm loving all this dog talk! I was always a cat girl growing up, so our puppy is the first dog I've ever lived with. I have been ASTOUNDED at what she is not only willing but determined to eat!!! Gotta love 'em!

  2. Susan, you should write a book. Your way with words just amazes me.

  3. What a sweet little face!!! I wish I could reach through my screen and pet Daisy - she looks so very soft.
    This series of photos had me swooning. Then there was the smack of reality of the last shot. Our last cat, Happy, was a chewer; he chewed off zipper pulls, the edge of his sleeping basket, the corner of his catnip toy, even the straps on one of my bras (after the door to the laundry room was left open). And yet one snuggle or purr and all was forgiven. A pet, well they're a member of the family. Stuff is just stuff; it's there to be used and can be repaired or refinished or replaced.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Sharon D. from Canada

  4. Another great post, Susan! Love your words, dear friend! Our long time furball who has NEVER chewed on a single thing since bringing her home in 2002, sleeps in our laundry room under the couter. That is her 'home', and where she wants to be at night. Well, about a week ago, we got up to shredded door facings and wallboard. We were baffled. It seems she was trying to get to a mouse! We set a trap the next night, and had her sleep in our room, and voila! That's what she was after. Probably attempting to protect us! lol....yes, she is forgiven!

  5. Hi Susan! I used to come to you every morning for CAS stamping inspiration and a smile. Just want to say that the smile just got bigger with the addition of Daisy! I could hear the soft music playing in my head as I looked at her photos, then the screech to a halt sound as you added a touch of reality. Still made my day...thanks! :)

  6. Oh, I remember sharp little puppy teeth! (really, is there anything sharper?)
    Daisy looks gorgeous - so soft! Probably just like my son she's good for a minute or two of snuggle before she's off to see *everything*! :)
    And sleeping on the park bench both cracked me up and melted my heart. What a lovely time for you!

  7. Awwwwww, the joys of puppyhood!! Every day when I let out our Rusty I see the chewed edges of my WOOD blinds (what happened when I ignored the begging to go play). The still empty ceramic pot that once held a beautiful birthday plant. And the lone decorative tassel which now hangs much higher since it's partner was taken apart string by string.

    Of course, I now deal with nose prints on the glass door that lets me know who continues to add to the scratches along the frame (french doors do not allow for doggie doors to be installed. Sigh) and bits of the chewed covers of the 9th soccer ball (his, not the boys) and of course, the hair. Ahhhh, the hair. From the dog that all the articles said shed very little, if at all. HUH?!

    (and I will deny to my dying day that I love that silly dog and wouldn't trade him!!)

  8. I showed Daisy's pics to my DH last evening. She melted his hear too. He loves goldens and labs. He said "it's you who doesn't want a dog." I do want a pup but just not 100% committed to the care of a dog -- as you reminded me in your post. You are making me want to cave though.


  9. Oh, Susan, I am loving your Daisy stories--and the pics! The one of Daisy sleeping on the park bench is too cute--and the one of stubborn puppy Hoover in the post below!
    Sharon Damoff

  10. Our black lab used to shed on the wood floors. Whenever I vacuumed, I used to say "I'm moving the wood grain again!" (mainly because I don't wear my glasses around the house, so I didn't see the hair until it moved!) Sounds like Daisy is settling in nicely--enjoy!

  11. Great puppy pics! I remember when Annie (who is now 7 months) was that little. They do grow up too fast.

  12. Oh I am so glad you have such a beautiful new friend to love.
    The puppy is adorable and the cautionary tale is very much needed to try and balance out all that sweetness.

  13. Awww....super photos! Daisy is such a cutie. Look at those feet, and those velvet ears....and she obviously has teeth!! Love your stories. And completely agree with Wanda's comment.

  14. Ah, the joys of puppyhood. I think I'll just sit back and live the vicarious puppyhood through your blog. you're doing just fine ... ;)

  15. Wonderful post! Love your sweet golden pup - I'm a sucker for that sweet face and those big brown eyes! I have goldens myself and they are our family (hence my blog subtitle =)).
    Thanks so much for the gentle reminder that owning a dog is a privilege and with that privilege comes responsibility. All too often pups are abandoned - or worse :( -because people were unaware of how much work having a sweet little bundle of fur can be. Yep, we live with hairy tumbleweeds, hair-adored clothing and I am sure I've eaten more hair than I care to imagine :) It sure is a small price to pay for the happiness I get in return (despite losing books, $300 shoes, etc, etc... :)) Thanks again! Great pics! So glad I came across your blog =)

  16. Just catching up on your Daisy talk. I totally relate to the chewed up chair. In fact, I still have a matching set of 6 kitchen chairs whose rungs are all chewed. No matter what kind of bitter apple I applied to them, my Skyler still found them tasty enough to cut her teeth. That was 7 years ago!


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