Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Weekly Giggle: Bulbs and Balls

First, a personal update about bulbs.

The for-sale sign went up yesterday. George finds this deeply weird, which strikes me as weird seeing that the whole move-to-a-new-house idea was his. But that sign signals for me a slow-down in the break-neck cleaning pace. I'm taking a few hours today to make something in my craft room.

Because I can.

Yesterday was my birthday. To celebrate, I attempted to change a blown bulb on our 19-foot ceiling with the 11-foot extendable bulb changer I purchased at Lowe's for the occasion. I climbed our step ladder, seated the attachment around the floodlight bulb, and started turning. To my horror, the entire light fixture came out of the ceiling.

"But it's my BIRTHDAY!!!" I wailed. "Things like this are NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!!!!!!"

But they always do. To me.

Of course I couldn't detatch the bulb changer from the light without getting my own two little hands up to the ceiling, so I propped the bulb changer on a convenient window ledge, climbed down the step ladder, and dragged in the 18-foot extension ladder from the garage.

I believe we call this "bringing out the big guns."

I climbed the ladder very carefully and prayerfully ("Please, God, don't let me die on my birthday") and removed the bulb changer from the bulb. I dropped the whole dang thing to the floor, hoping it would break and I could revel in its demise, but sadly, it didn't so I'm going to try to return it to Lowe's today.

Then, I removed the dead bulb, carried it carefully and prayerfully down the ladder, got a new bulb, went back up the ladder, installed the working bulb, and seated the fixture back into the ceiling. I came carefully and prayerfully ("Thank you, God, for not letting me plunge to my death off this stupid ladder") down the ladder.

I held my breath as I turned on the light, but it worked.  It actually worked.

And now I feel like a hero. The Hero of the Bulbs.

Second, a link to a story about balls.

I've frequently linked to Lowering the Bar on the Weekly Giggle because, well, it's an hysterically funny blog. The most recent post is no exception. Enjoy.


  1. Susan,Thanks for always giving me a smile. I have one of the lovely bulb changers too. Quite the art to get that done without killing myself!

    The link to the ball story gave me a smile. My funny volunteer story was around Halloween. I wanted the kids to paint little mini pumpkins. Apparently some of the moms were worried about paint getting on their child's costume. So paint was out, Sharpie markers were in. Hmmm...washable paint versus permanent markers? Solid logic? Sometimes I think we all need to let it ride a bit more often!

  2. Belated Happy Birthday! Your story made me laugh, and I couldn't help thinking "How many ladders does it take to change a lightbulb?" Sorry.

    I have seen the ball story on the news. My kids were horrified...their favorite recess game is called "Red Butt" (yes, the teachers know this) The kids all line up in front of the outside wall of the gym with no windows, and one person throws a red rubber ball at them (like dodgeball), but the ball bounces off the wall and can hit them in the butt (hence the name) Whoever gets hit from the front or from behind, becomes the next thrower. They love this game, and as far as I know there has never been a concussion, just red butts. As my daughter has pointed out, nerf balls just wouldn't bounce right.

  3. A belated Happy Birthday to the Hero of the Bulbs . . . long may you bring forth light!
    You certainly bring smiles! Hope it was a wonderful day.

  4. A belated Happy Birthday! I hear you on the ladder thing...let's just say, there is a reason I decided that I wasn't cut out to do faux painting full time!!

    The link made me roll my eyes. It's amazes me that the human species exists with stupidity like this!! (this comes from a mother whose youngest child broke his arm on the monkey bars....and the oldest child first broke his wrist while swinging through a concrete barrior at the beach and then decided he needed to break it again a couple of years later playing basketball!!)

  5. Hi Susan, A very Happy Belated Birthday to you oh giver of light, congrats on your success:0)
    I wish you lots of luck with the pending house sale, I hope you have a buyer very soon. Gay xxx

  6. Belated Happy Birthday!!! Glad the cleaning frenzy has slowed down a bit so you can enjoy a little R & R on your birthday :)

    I haven't had the whole fixture come out on me but I have had the light bulb break with the bottom portion still in the socket - nothing like potential electrocution to get your attention LOL! Glad yours worked out and you are a super hero mom :) Fingers crossed for a quick sale of your home!

  7. Well, George can have his Ironman adventures. I'll be rooting for you way up there on the 18 ft ladder! You are a brave lady!
    Belated Happy Birthday to you.



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