Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gratitude Journal #114

Today, I am grateful that Daisy's last post-op check went very well. She's recovering superbly from her knee surgery, but when Dr. David came in to examine her, she wriggled enthusiastically, whined, and tried to burrow into his crotch. He looked at me and said, "Oh, yeah, now I remember. She's 'special.'" His wife bred Daisy, so it's all her fault.

Our "Special" Furry Girl Looking Slightly Demonic

Today, I am grateful for a full and exciting November:

Jack had his 3rd Grade Music Performance, which included audience-participation line dancing.

Happy to Teach Us the Dance

Big Bro, Not So Happy

Nick celebrated his birthday, with dinner at P.F. Chang's, Lego castle-building with his dad, and a day at the Columbus Zoo.

P.F. Chang's
Lego Castle Building

My 45th birthday came and went. I don't like odd numbers, but this one wasn't so bad, even if there was entirely too much cleaning going on. I am super grateful for friends and family who sent me cards and emails and phone messages and packages for my birthday. And I am grateful to my husband for grilling me the best ribeye steak I've eaten in years. YEARS, people.

Picture by Jack

Today, I am grateful that the house is fully ready to show. Now, we just need to keep it clean.

Today, I am grateful for the Thanksgiving break and for today's return to what passes for routine in our lives.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. Great set of pictures. Belated Happy Birthday to you :) I'm grateful for family and extended family today. Had a great visit with hubby's cousin and family this weekend. Nothing better than great in-laws :)

  2. Awesome post. Love the photos.

  3. I just love your posts. I am grateful that the windy, snowy blizzard of the last few days has stopped and that it's almost safe to go out again.


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