Monday, November 7, 2011

Cleaning Device Makes Woman Giggle with Glee

Wow, y'all have dirty minds.

Anyway, I used my carpet cleaner for the first time today, and I am giggling with glee. I feel the power of suction and the joy of pouring out nasty dirty water in a corner of my yard. Whoever said you can't buy happiness never bought a Bissell ProHeat 2x Multi Surface Pet Steam Cleaner.

This floor was gross. Now it's not. Sadly, the Bissell ProHeat didn't fix the small hole that Daisy nibbled into the carpet, so it's no miracle machine. But I'm very satisfied with the job it said it would do: easily steam clean carpet.

Truth in advertising should be applauded, don't you think? 

For tomorrow, I'm going to clean more carpet, tote more bins to the basement, generally give myself sore muscles, and deeply regret not asking Bissell to pay me for this endorsement.


  1. Thrilled to hear it worked so well :) You made me giggle re: the sore muscles and payment for the endorsement. One room down, you are on a roll!

  2. Do you hire out? My carpet really needs cleaning.

  3. I have missed so much on your blog Susan! Congrats on the decision making and prayers for you all in this big move. The new house looks fabulous, I can understand you being seduced:0)Lots of good wishes to you all, great result with the carpet! Gay xx


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