Friday, November 19, 2010

Random Acts of Culture

Not only am I posting maniac with seven posts this week, but I'm also really behind the times. This event happened on October 30, which means I'm three weeks behind in the news. But if I missed it, perhaps some of you did, too, in which case, I'll just say in advance, "You're very welcome."

Because you're going to thank me. I know it.

Many, many thanks to my friend Lally, who sent me a link to this blog post about Handel's Hallelujah Chorus being performed at Macy's in Philadelphia, much to the surprise of many shoppers there. Check out that's, well, it's beyond words.

I'm fascinated by the Knight Arts Random Acts of Culture Project. What amazing proof of the beauty and creativity and just plain awesomeness of life. If any of you has participated in it or knows more about it, please share in the comments!


  1. hi susan,
    my sister is a church musician in suburban philly. she heard about this, but did not participate. thanks for the link. it was awesome. choked me up, as that music always does. what a great idea. i agree with you, this is such a wonderful thing to do. fun, too!!
    marty ferraro

  2. p.s.
    checked on becky oehlers blog (pti design team) as i know she lives in philly and sings with the opera chorus i, think. no mention on her blog, but i bet she was there!!!

  3. Thanks so much for the link, Susan. It was beautiful to see and to hear. Everyone looked jubilant except the two gals dressed in black with the red devil's horns on their headbands.

    You mentioned the other day that you weren't sure how many Simplicity subscribers also read your QMI blog. I do, I do! I pop over here after I admire your fabulous cards.

    Carolyn Willisford

  4. Finally got around to reading your QMI blog this week - and thanks for this link. I hadn't seen this new story & loved it. I'll read about the Knight Foundation later

  5. Our church's music director forwarded that Utube link to a friend who forwarded it to me and I sent it on to several friends. I've put it in my favorites and play it every once in a while. The combination of that organ and the opera company is absolutely fabulous. Hope everyone who reads your blog will click on the link. It's stunning.

  6. Thank you for sharing this - means that someone sitting on a dot of an island in the Indian Ocean can hear it too!

  7. wow thanks for sharing this, amazing!

  8. This was so beautiful! I would have loved to have been there, to have been surrounded by that gorgeous singing/music, right in the middle of it.


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