Sunday, November 14, 2010

Golden Daisy

On a family walk last week, we enjoyed gorgeous golden evening light. George got some amazing pictures....

Daisy is almost 6 months old. She's losing that puppy look, but her brain is still very much a puppy brain.

Golden retrievers have puppy brains for most of their life span. Even as old dogs, when their bodies are definitely not able to meet the demands of their brains, they still have happy puppy spirits.

We love that puppy spirit, and it's positively glowing from Daisy Doolittle.


  1. Oh my, she is growing. Daisy is definitely looking like a dog vs a puppy (even with her puppy brain.


  2. Daisy is gorgeous! Totally understand that GR puppy brain. My gr puppy is going on 10 years!


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