Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Drooping Daisy

Yesterday, Daisy had surgery to remove her girl parts. This was required by her breeder and desired by us. At the same time, the vet inserted a microchip in case she gets lost.

Some dogs--sensible dogs--will leave their surgical wounds alone. Daisy, as we have irrefutably established, is not sensible. She wants desperately to lick her wound and would no doubt chew out her stitches, thus creating a risk for infection, bleeding, and expensive vet bills.

Thus, she wears the Cone of Shame.

She stood for about ten minutes in the above position, not moving an inch, just drooping with sadness and humiliation. It's pitiful. Tragic.

And then she looked up. And I said, "Come in, Tokyo!"  Because I am heartless and cruel.

When she got no sympathy from us, she dropped her head again and slowly tried to back out of the satellite dish. When she hit the front door with her butt, she drooped there for a while.

She got her revenge last night. Her sleeping crate in our bedroom is too small to accommodate the cone, so she slept in her giant wire crate in the dining room. Since George was still sick, I slept downstairs with Daisy. She kept waking me up by banging the cone against the wire sides of the crate and sliding it around the plastic floor. She was doing it on purpose. I just know it.

Ten days. Ten LONG days, folks.


  1. Sensible? No. Wily? Yes.

    I get the feeling she wouldn't have done this to George, but that she knows he is unwell and that you have no choice. She might also be peeved that you, a fellow girl, allowed this to happen to her. I could be giving her too much credit for brains here, but my cats play me like a drum so I think that anything is possible.

  2. Had to laugh when I read about Daisy's revenge! And the way she tried to back out of the cone! I've been there - seen the pitiful pleading look, had to harden my heart, and then had it broken when my dog turned her back on me.

  3. Oh dear, have to admit to a chuckle here, poor Daisy, where's your heart woman? You're not supposed to take the micky out of a poor defenseless animal, good job she hasn't fully learned our language yet or you'd be in big trouble I can tell you, she wouldn't talk to you for a least an hour, till she forgot again. Big smiles over here on the other side of the pond:0)
    Hope Daisy makes a very quick recovery and you get some quality rest:0) xx

  4. You had me smiling. So great that you caught it all on camera. They do have their own special characters don't they! And they know how to pull our heartstrings.

  5. Miss Daisy vs. Susan. The battle is on!

    She's probably peeved at you because that cone is a bit unflattering. It needs to be accessorized!! Bling, ruffles, maybe an antennae or two? ;0)

    Hope you get to sneak in a nap sometime today!

  6. It is soooo wrong that I am giggling!

  7. Poor little Daisy! I feel sorry for the sweetheart! I feel sorry for you too!

  8. I saw thepost your husband put on slowtwitch.com

    Have a look at the photo I posted of my girl "Karma" after her cancer surgery. With a name like "Daisy", her cone needs some flare!

    Right now both of our dogs are in cones and we have 3 dogs coming to visit for thanksgiving this weekend. Two of them are rather stupid goldens too. Should be a rather interesting week.

  9. Hi Susan,

    Daisy's 10 days should be over soon. How is she doing?


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