Monday, November 22, 2010

Gratitude Journal #67

My gratitude overfloweth.

Today, I am grateful for this boy, who turned eleven last week. As of today, I'm exactly four times his age. I'm also grateful for my birthday buddy, Aunt Linda, who says I'm the best birthday present my mom ever gave her. Isn't she sweet?!?! 'Tis the season of birthdays in our family, which makes me grateful for my mom who suffered so much 44 years ago today. Sorry about the whole butt-first thing, Mom.

Today, I am grateful for this boy, who cried this morning because he couldn't wear sandals to school.

Today, I am grateful for this pair. Both are having bad days today: Daisy is being spayed, and George has a tummy bug. At least George knows what's wrong with him. Just imagine how Daisy will feel after her little nap this morning. "Wow, I feel funky...." (Name the movie.)

She weighs 41 pounds now.

Today, I am thankful for my close encounter with this gorgeous animal. On Saturday at the Columbus Zoo, she and I made eye contact about eight inches apart. Through nice, thick glass, of course. But I could read her mind. "My, you look tasty," she was thinking. "Be grateful for the glass, human."

Today, I am grateful for glass.

Today, I am grateful for a close encounter with this big boy. His name is Bruce. Or maybe Buck. Whatever his name, he is big. Massive. You don't realize how big these brown bears are until all that separates you is a five-inch thick layer of acrylic and you look in his mouth, just seven inches from your head, and realize that, indeed, he could eat your head like a grape. Like a grape, man.

Today, I am grateful for this little monkey family. The babies are orange, and this one is snuggled into a nap hug. Check out mommy's hand on baby's back. We share a lot of DNA with these critters.

Today, I am grateful for this wild and vicious golden retriever. If you're not careful, she'll jump on you and lick you to death. You don't believe me? If you ever meet her, you'll be praying for glass.   

What are you grateful for today?


  1. Butt first - how cheeky!! Sorry, it was not to be resisted.

    Zoos are amazing. I'm always sad when I see the orangutans, but otherwise it is just awe-inspiring. I agree, too, that acrylic glass is our friend.

  2. Lovin' your blog entry today! Laughed out loud! Happy Birthday, dear friend!!! about 16 candles? Thanks for the great photos of your boys, Daisy and the beasts!!!

  3. No, Patti, but I checked and I misquoted it. The correct quotation is: "I feel so funky."

  4. happy birthday Susan! It's an interesting thing sharing a birthday with a child isn't it? My daughter and I share one on November 19th. She's now 16 and I'm 41. I thoroughly enjoy your blog as well as your Simplicity blog. Thanks so much for sharing your take on life.

  5. Ha ha ha ha. Thanks so much for a good laugh. As always I love your sense of humor.

  6. Belated Happy Birthday- I am grateful for your blogs - both are thought provoking and enjoyable reads.

  7. Happy birthday, Susan! I go a few days without checking this blog (I check Simplicity every day!) and--wow!--I've missed a ton. I hope your birthday was happy, and I hope you have a great year ahead. Loved the Hallelujah Chorus post! I played it twice and cried both times. Loved your pics of your boys and Daisy. Loved the Iron Chef post--good for George. Loved the inspiring quotes about making the world a better place, something I believe in deeply.

    I always like your essays and posts here--thank you for writing them. I feel like we are kindred spirits even though we've never met. Happy Thanksgiving!


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