Thursday, October 22, 2009

Weekly Giggle #4

I can't seem to get enough of LOLCats lately....

We watched The Wizard of Oz last weekend in HD. It's such a beautiful movie visually, but I'd forgotten how creepy it is. What is up with those three Munchkins from the Lollipop Guild? They sure are twitchy.

At one point, Jack got scared and said, "I don't like that witch!" He covered his face with a blanket. BUT IT WAS GLINDA THAT SCARED HIM!!!

Glinda appears, from an adult perspective, simply to be rather high on some very happy drugs, but from Jack's childhood perspective, she was totally weird.

And then I saw this LOLCat, and thought I'd share it as my weekly giggle!



  1. I'm CASE this photo for my blog too. I just saw Wicked with my daughter last night up in the city.



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