Monday, October 19, 2009

Prayer Request Update

Grady is in the NICU and breathing with just a nasal canula of forced air, which is wonderful. He weighs 4lb, 11oz and measures 16.5 inches. Lisa is doing well, and she says he is beautiful.

The doctors expect Grady to spent 2-4 weeks in NICU before going home.

Many, many thanks for all the prayers and good wishes. I will keep you posted with any new news as it comes my way.

Please continue to lift them up!


  1. Awesome news Susan! They are still in my prayers!!

  2. Oh, Susan, that's good news, but I'll continue to pray for precious Grady and his family!

  3. What wonderful news, Susan! My thoughts and prayers are with your family during this stressful and scary time. Ali


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