Friday, October 16, 2009

And the Oscar Goes to...


This morning at 5:46, I was awakened by a low moan that sounded very much like a dying breath. It is not fun being awakened by a low moan that sounds like a dying breath. It's freaky and panic-inducing. I moved to the end of the bed and reached down to nudge Hoover.

He did not move. At all.

I said his name.

He did not move. At all.

I shoved my hand under his front leg and over his heart. I waited.

Thump, thump.


Thump, thump.

"You twerp!"

He looked up and said, "What? Me?"

He said it with his eyes.

I swear.

He deserves an Oscar.

Or at least a Furry Freak Award.

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  1. i wonder if your Hoover is the same age as my Dakota. (14 yrs) one morning my son sam went in to wake him up and take him out and he came back and said "cody won't get up." my first thought...oh, geez... but i went and checked and he just didn't want to be up yet! and we're still plodding and recieving love to each other...and tons of doggie treats for cody. They can say soooo many things with their eyes!! ever see the george carlin routine about why dogs and cats expressions are different? eyebrows! :)


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