Monday, October 26, 2009

Gratitude Journal #18

Today, I am grateful for:

--NICU nurses.

--Jon Katz, who graciously replied to an email I sent him even though his website says he usually won't. (More about this on Wednesday.)

--Cold medicine.

--Safe travels for loved ones.

What are you grateful for today?

Grady Update: As of yesterday, Grady was doing okay. He is jaundiced again, so he's naked and under the lamp. My sister prefers him with his clothes on because he's not as scary that way, LOL! I can't imagine how tiny he is...I thought my firstborn was "scary small" and he was 6lbs, 15 oz! Grady still can't regulate his temperature yet, and he's lost a bit of weight...both of which are normal in his situation. He's now 4lbs, 6 oz, but he is still eating well and breathing well. My sister is very tired. Many thanks for your continued prayers for them during this scary and very stressful time!


  1. The sunshine after the rain, bright red leaves, Ralph Waldo Emerson, bumping into an old friend

  2. Oh Susan! Sweet Grady is as strong as his name (LOVE his name!!). Prayers for him and your sister--love love love!!!

    Oh, and I am so grateful for the rain, the deer, my kids, husband, family... and so so much more!

    Hugs to you!!


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